Modern gin invites drinkers to discover a new approach to the traditional spirit

Artingstall's Gin and Paul Feig celebrate the art of the cocktail, photo provided by Artingstall's Gin
Artingstall's Gin and Paul Feig celebrate the art of the cocktail, photo provided by Artingstall's Gin /

Modern gin, contemporary gin or a gin by another name can be used to describe a new category of gins on the liquor shelf. As gin continues to have a resurgence in popularity, the reality is that many of these options are not your grandfather’s gin. It might be time to re-discover the subtle flavors in all those botanicals.

As Paul Feig, founder of Artingstall’s Gin, shared in a previous interview, some people’s first experience with gin might have been slightly abrasive. That piney, juniper forward flavor from the stolen sip of dad’s gin might have turned drinkers away from that traditional spirit. With this new flavor direction, more people are discovering the distillers more subtle approach.

According to Bevvy, a modern gin puts the juniper, pine notes in the background and focuses on the citrus or floral flavors in the spirit. Whether some people find the connection to vodka or are drawn to creativity in the distilling process, these liquors have become more popular, especially in cocktails.

Although modern gin might be a category, it isn’t necessarily a term that will be seen on the label. Unlike the phrase London Dry Gin that is commonly used on various well-known brands, this newer type of spirit simply sits alongside the other options on the shelf.

What are some examples of a modern gin?

Picking a gin might need to come with a drinking guide. Looking at the various bottles, labels and descriptions can have some people leave those shelves behind and just revert back to that bottle of bourbon or vodka.

In some ways, the modern gin movement has many brands that seem to be everywhere. From celebrity connections to smart marketing, these particular styles might be the only gin that some people have sipped.

Artingstall’s Gin is a great example of a modern gin. When Paul Feig created this spirit, he wanted a brand that celebrated the love of a good gin but is perfectly balanced.

Whether drunk simply with a great tonic and a little citrus twist or a transformed into one of Feig’s creative cocktails, the reality is that this gin always makes a statement and entices everyone to come back time and again. That statement Artingstall’s Gin art deco bottle behind the bar is a reminder that a great gin is waiting to be enjoyed and turn any day into a special occasion.

Whether it is one of his humorous videos or cheeky cocktails, Ryan Reynolds sparked many people to try Aviation Gin. Best enjoyed in a cocktail, there are grassy notes, some sweet citrus and even a touch of lavender. Just because the laugh caught your attention doesn’t mean that that the Aviation Gin flavor won’t bring you back for another sip.

NOLET’S Gin might have a heavy knob style bottle cap might be reminiscent of a Bentley shift gear, this gin celebrates an almost feminine approach to its flavor profile. From the florals that have a subtle perfume connection to the juicy peach flavors to even the sweet yet tart raspberries, this gin is surprising. Consider serving this gin with a soda, similar to a vodka soda, with a slight of grapefruit. The flavor is quite alluring.

Hendrick’s Gin started the popularity of Scottish gins. This gin is often described with the term, “summery.” While some people talk about the cucumber flavors in this gin, the citrus and rose flavors are more predominate. Although the Hendrick’s Gin bottle might look like an homage to an old-school apothecary bottle, the liquor in the bottle is not your grandfather’s gin.

The Botantist Gin Islay Dry Gin has a name that might offer a little clue to the drinking experience in the bottle. Another Scottish gin, this brand has 30 different botanicals. Although each sip reveals another layer of flavor, this gin is delightful in a cocktail. Playing off the citrus notes is quite delightful.

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It is time to leave the bourbon and vodka on the shelf and discover the nuances of a modern gin. That flavor journey could start a love affair of a lifetime.