Hot Pockets Deliwich changes the lunchtime routine

Hot Pockets Deliwich, photo provided by Hot Pockets
Hot Pockets Deliwich, photo provided by Hot Pockets /

While free lunch promotions might have people taking that mid-day break, the reality is that lunchtime isn’t always a leisurely moment. From grab and go to limited time, the convenient, yet tasty food choice, is important. The new Hot Pockets Deliwich looks to be that lunchtime solution.

Many people have come to keep Hot Pockets stocked in the freezer. From a quick meal to a tasty snack, all ages have come to love that little handheld stuffed food.

But, sometimes people do not want that “hot” food. While they appreciate the simplicity of grab, heat and go, the warm food option doesn’t fit the bill. The Hot Pockets Deliwich looks to keep the convenience yet skips the cooking portion.

According to the brand, the new Hot Pockets Deliwich is thaw and eat food option. It has been created to take out of the freezer in the morning and slowly thaw until lunchtime. In 2-4 hours, the sandwich can be enjoyed.

As Andy Godish, brand marketing manager, the Hot Pockets brand said, the “new Hot Pockets Deliwich is a high-quality sandwich with a little more ‘chill’ and major convenience for busy parents and their kids. Deliwich offers an easy, great-tasting lunchbox option that stays fresher longer and is always ready to enjoy by the time lunch rolls around.”

The new food offering is available in four flavors, Cheddar & Ham, Turkey & Colby, Cheese Melt and Pepperoni & Mozzarella. The classic deli meats are wrapped in a soft roll. It is basically a pre-made sandwich that can be enjoyed where and when people want it.

Although not necessarily the focus of this new product, it is a way to avoid food waste. Some families might fill the deli drawer and bread box with options that do not get eaten in a timely manner. By having this freezer option, the sandwich is available yet it avoids over buying food that could go to waste.

The Hot Pockets Deliwich will be available in stores soon. It will be sold in a box of four individually wrapped sandwiches. The suggested retail price is $7.49.

What do you think of this new food offering? Will it be stocked in your freezer?