Grubhub free lunch offer encourages New Yorkers to take a break

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A free food offer will make anyone take notice. With the Grubhub free lunch offer, New Yorkers have the tasty excuse to take an hour. Isn’t it time to close the laptop and savor that mid-day meal? It might be the mental break that makes the day more enjoyable.

Over the past couple of years, many people have found that work/life balance isn’t as easy as it seems. Sometimes working at home means that there is less opportunity to step away from the to-do list. Even though those off hours are a way to recharge, it doesn’t mean that work doesn’t weigh on the mind.

As part of the Grubhub free lunch offer, the brand shared some surprising statistics about workers and lunch. Specifically, the work-first mentality has had 40% of American taking fewer lunch breaks than two years ago. In addition, 70% of Americans have admitted to working through lunch.

With this May 17 Grubhub free lunch promotion, the company wants people to take that break. Whether it is a burger, taco or even just a smoothie, stepping away from the desk is vital. Yes, lunch can be a version of self-care.

As part of the Grubhub free lunch promotion, FoodSided spoke with content creator and former big law attorney CeCe Xie about the importance of taking that mid-day break. While some people might be familiar with her TikTok videos, CeCe has plenty to say beyond those quick format shares. The well-spoken professional has embraced a big risk which affords her the life balance that she was missing.

Speaking to this campaign, CeCe thinks that focusing on well-being is vital for everyone. While the power social media can help to influence others, there needs to be that incentive to actually follow through with the concept. Offering free food is a way to incentivize the concept.

CeCe believes that free food can often be that incentive to step away from the work pressure. She recalled how law school was often filled with free lunch. Those gatherings were a way for people to socialize as well as push the outlines off the table for at least a small amount of time.

Even though the big law culture can be filled with billable hour pressures and a constantly full inbox, CeCe believes that change may be on the horizon. Whether it is part-time hours or just partners setting an example by setting their out of office message, the law world can adapt like other industries. People need to move away from the live to work attitude.

Whether the Grubhub free lunch promo is the spark to change or people learn to appreciate the view out the window versus the keyboard, it has to be a conscious choice. CeCe has embraced her willingness to take a risk. Appreciating that the break is as important as the work might be the shift that changes job satisfaction for more people.

As a content creator and future author, CeCe wants to spark that conversation about work life balance. Just like fellow law students would encourage each other to grab that free lunch over a special event, why can’t that work lunch break be the mental health, self-care moment going forward. Sometimes a simple solution is one that can be achieved.

What would CeCe order for her Grubhub free lunch promo? She recalls a great poke restaurant in New York City that her fellow lawyers would frequent. That quick two block walk to some delicious, high quality poke was the break that she needed.

Maybe this week, everyone can place their Grubhub order and gather in the conference room to enjoy lunch together. A discussion about favorite restaurants, food or just a moment to decompress is just as important as meeting that case deadline. In some ways, the break might make the solution clearer.

And, New Yorkers don’t forget to order that Grubhub free lunch offer on May 17. Use the code FREELUNCH at checkout. The offer is available 11 a.m. till 2 p.m. and is valued at up to $15.