Rat in the Kitchen episode 6: Crowning the queen rat, exclusive clip

Rat in the Kitchen. Image courtesy TBS
Rat in the Kitchen. Image courtesy TBS /

As the ladies take over the kitchen, the deception is at an all time high. In Rat in the Kitchen episode 6, “The Case of the Rat Queen,” one cook will earn the coveted crown. But is the queen of deception a title that a cook really wants to earn?

According to TBS, Rat in the Kitchen episode 6, “The Case of the Rat Queen,” features the following:

"It’s ladies’ night in the kitchen, but one of the 6 new chefs has quite a few tricks under her apron. There’s a rat out to destroy the team dishes to win up to $50,000. Chef Ludo Lefebvre and Natasha Leggero hosts in this culinary whodunit?"

In this exclusive clip provided to FoodSided, all the ladies in the kitchen might be a little too hot to handle.

As the clip begins, the first dish mentioned is a grilled mahi mahi ceviche. While that statement might have some people curious, the name should give some foodies pause.

Generally, a ceviche is not cooked. The fish in a ceviche is “cooked” through the acid in the dish. There is no heat introduced into the dish. If someone was a good cook, they would understand the difference.

So, a grilled mahi mahi ceviche with citrus could be a clue about a person who either doesn’t know what she is doing or is up to no good in the kitchen. Then again, this cook could just be trying to impress with some big terms that sound important. Maybe she meant a grilled mahi with a citrus marinade or glaze. Deception can be misdirection.

The second part of the clip showcases a common theme on Rat in the Kitchen, seasoning. While all cooks appreciate that an under-seasoned dish is a fail, over-seasoning is an instant sabotage. Then again, sometimes novice cooks do not appreciate that a dish has to be aggressively seasoned. Again, there are more questions than answers.

Who is the cook with something to hide under that crown? Only one female cook is the Queen Rat. Will you earn the coveted treasure by solving the mystery?

Be sure to watch Rat in the Kitchen episode 6 “The Case of the Queen Rat” Thursday, May 19 at 9 p.m. on TBS.