Easy grocery shopping saving tips to kick off summer

While everyone is feeling the difficulties of rising food costs, summer fun might not look quite as plentiful. Even though many people are looking forward to those backyard barbecues, weekend getaways or just gathering with friends, the food on the table often comes with an empty wallet. Luckily, these easy grocery shopping saving tips from Ibotta will add a little happy to that Kickoff to Summer.

Many people have turned to Ibotta to save money on their grocery bill. The easy cash back offers streamline grocery shopping. Whether it is a favorite food or designing a meal around the savings, there are plenty of reasons to keep that shopping saving app on the home screen.

As Richard Donahue, Chief Marketing Officer at Ibotta. “We know millions of people are feeling financial pressure right now, and we are always looking for opportunities to put a little extra money back in Americans’ pockets. With Kickoff to Summer, we hope we can reduce some of the pressure families are feeling due to inflation and from rising costs.”

The Ibotta Kick off to Summer is full of big savings on food items that people want. Now through June 15, shoppers can find discounts on all the favorite summer foods. From ice cream to guacamole, there is at least one deal that will make a difference in that grocery bill.

A few examples of the grocery shopping saving ideas include:

  • PERDUE HARVESTLAND Organic Chicken, any size — up to $1.50 back*
  • I Love Ice Cream Cakes — $1.00 back on OREO, REESES or Carvel ice cream cake
  • MTN DEW Zero Sugar — $1.00 back for 20oz and $1.50 back for 12pk

Since many people are looking to stretch their shopping dollar, it is important to think beyond the typical purchases. Whether it is switching brands or trying something new, those changes can make a difference in the total.

More importantly, it is about perspective. Instead of thinking about what can’t be in the cart, turn it into an opportunity to try something new or explore a different avenue. Whether it is a different flavor or a new food, these changes could be something that a foodie will greatly appreciate.

What easy grocery shopping savings tips do you use? How are you keeping that food budget in check?