Simple reasons why Universal Orlando should keep its UOAP specials

(Photo by Gerardo Mora/Getty Images,)
(Photo by Gerardo Mora/Getty Images,) /

As the month long Universal Orlando UOAP specials come to a close, many people are hoping that these perks for theme park loyalty could continue a little longer. Here’s why Universal Orlando should continue these extra sprinkles to the theme park experience.

Special entrance lane is more than a red carpet benefit

While no one should be a pass-hole, having a designated annual passholder entrance lane is beneficial not just for UOAP members but also for the theme park, too. Most UOAP members know the drill. Why not keep lines moving and get those UOAPs through the turnstiles and into the adventure that is waiting.

Food with a view brings people back

Most theme parks appreciate that food is just as important as the thrill rides. Even though the “whoa” makes an impression, those food moments live on in the memories as well.

As many people have learned, the special VIP seating is a huge benefit. Just like the velvet rope at a club, it makes people feel special. It doesn’t take a huge effort from the restaurant, but it makes a difference in the dining experience. Even though this option has been around, it is a benefit that more guests should use.

Yes, we want the tchotchkes

To some people it might seem silly, but many people want those UOAP tchotchkes. Whether it is the special magnet, button or just another branded item, those little gifts matter to a lot of people. They are part of passholder pride. Who hasn’t spotted another UOAP magnet at the Target parking lot. That full lanyard of buttons is a conversation starter. For a little effort, there is a big payoff.

Exclusive menu items have everyone hungry for more

While the robust food options at Universal Orlando ensure that everyone’s appetite is satisfied, the exclusive menu items have UOAPs making a special trip. Even if that Butterbeer always calls, many people are willing to skip that sip just to try the new, special, exclusive menu items.

Whether it is a special sweet treat at Toothsome, a savory dish at VIVO Italian Kitchen or the latest doughnut at Voodoo Doughnuts, it is another example how guests want to have that new flavor.
Although Universal Orlando has offered a larger UOAP specials menu selection during the annual August celebration, these limited time offers had many people making a special visit. Even if one or two menu items are available around the parks or in City Walk, it will make many people plan another stop, even if it is just to enjoy a plate of food.

What have been your favorite UOAP perks? Do you think that Universal Orlando should have more exclusive UOAP specials?