Dale Talde turns All Up In My Grill Season 2 into a grilling master class, interview

Up in My Grill Season 2 with Dale Talde, photo provided by Tastemade
Up in My Grill Season 2 with Dale Talde, photo provided by Tastemade /

After a successful first season, All Up In My Grill Season 2 returns to Tastemade and Chef Dale Talde is turning up the heat. Unlike culinary competitions where the pressure raises the temperature, this food television show is about blending the fun with the function. It is time to grab a beverage, light up the grill and enjoy a bite that will leave you wanting more.

Summer and grilling go hand in hand. It might be that desire to enjoy the outside. Or, it could be that the fire just brings people together. No matter the reason, there are plenty of reasons to enjoy that outdoor kitchen.

When All Up In My Grill debuted on Tastemade, foodies watched not only to see one of their favorite award-winning and Top Chef cheftestants on their screen but also to learn his cooking techniques. Who doesn’t remember that simple concept that forever changed how people cooked on a grill?  Since grilling is the only cooking method that imparts flavor, there are plenty of reasons to skip the oven and embrace the flavor in the flame.

Recently, FoodSided spoke to Chef Dale Talde about All Up In My Grill Season 2 and what viewers can learn in the new episodes. Chef Dale said that the must watch episode is all about steaks. While grilling steak might be a classic, there is more to the concept than simply meat cooked by the flame.

Specifically, Chef Dale discussed how the episode goes from picking the cut of meat to the grilling method. Whether it is solving the doneness debate in a household to appreciating how cost impacts the cut, this episode does a deep dive on making smart food choices every step of the way.

Appreciating that some cuts of meat need more care than others, the best final product starts when the steak is wrapped in that butcher paper. Cooking a hanger steak is far different that that Tomhawk. Setting the expectations and adapting to the protein is key to delivering the most flavorful food on the plate.

Of course, the education is sprinkled with a dash of fun. Like every episode, Chef Dale adds that entertainment into the process. Just like he believes that grilling should engage everyone around the flame and the table, each episode is about the overall experience. Not just the final product.

At the same time, Chef Dale says that each episode brings a way to appease everyone around the table. Whether it is the husband or in-laws who prefer a more “cooked” steak or the guest who hasn’t quite embraced bold flavors, there is a way to adapt all the dishes to ensure that everyone enjoys every bite.

Still, Chef Dale prefers to keep in a particular lane when it comes to preparing a menu. He finds that narrowing the focus to a particular cuisine inspiring. Instead of being a jumble of flavors, that direction highlights the creativity that brings the whole menu together.

Looking at other episodes in All Up In My Grill Season 2, Chef Dale believes that many of the concepts will help home cooks think outside of the traditional food and flavor combinations. For example, one episode covers surf and turf. Instead of that filet and lobster tail, Chef Dale looks at the robust flavors of a paella that uses chorizo and clams. The bounty of the sea and the land lends itself to exploring a variety of food combinations.

At the same time, mastering the classics is key, too. All Up In My Grill Season 2 takes on the burger. While everyone might be cooking a smashburger, a beautifully cooked steak burger might be the dish that wows everyone. Learning the best grilling techniques and applying them is key to become the master of the flame in your own backyard.

Given that this summer is all about enjoying each other’s company, Chef Dale thinks that it is prime time to keep the oven off and head outside. From traditional grilling favorites to new flavor possibilities, the patio is open and the table is set with a plethora of flavorful offerings. Even if there is a little heat behind the grill, the spirited conversation makes for warm memories that linger after the fire goes out.

All Up In My Grill Season 2 with Chef Dale Talde airs on Tastemade, with the premiere episode on May 25 at 7 p.m. Check local listings for additional episodes airings.