Traditionalists are more likely to pour this summer wine

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While Instacart might have predicted that canned cocktails will the drink of the summer, traditionalists might prefer a different pour in their glass. For those drinkers, there is only one summer wine that fills the glass, and it might not be the trendiest option.

When Instacart shared its summer beverage survey, the differences between demographics caused a few foodies to take notice. Although people can debate the hard seltzer popularity statistics or the change in beverage trends, one category had a few people rethinking the bottle chilled in the wine fridge.

According to the survey, traditionalists, aka the silent generation, are stocking up on wine, specifically chardonnay. While younger generations might be celebrating rose all day or popping the bubbles, the older wine drinkers prefer the classics.

Given that sometimes it is wise to listen to your elders, this summer why not put down the rose, bubbles or that bold cabernet sauvignon for a bottle of chardonnay. Given the variety of flavors in that classic wine, every bottle holds a distinctive flavor waiting to be explored.

Looking at the California Wine Country, the West Coast offers a gorgeous landscape to explore the beauty and nuance of the region. While some people might be looking to travel the California Wine Trail to explore Sonoma County, Napa Valley and other regions, the California Chardonnay wine offerings showcase the diversity that the wine varietal offers. Varying the oak notes, buttery qualities and fruitiness, each bottle tells a different story.

Summer wine: Ready to discover chardonnay?

Walking through the wine aisle, chardonnay bottles take up a tremendous amount of space. While some people might turn to classics like a Kendall Jackson, it isn’t the only bottle to open. With a range of prices as well as flavors, opening a different bottle can be a way to fall in love with the white wine, again.

2020 Sonoma Coast Chardonnay

Staring with a classic is always a good choice. The 2020 Sonoma Coast Chardonnay is a sophisticated, structured Chardonnay. Aged in a mixture of French oak, the classic Chardonnay is one that is the perfect introduction to the varietal. Priced around $23, it is a perfect starting point.

2019 Les Pierres Chardonnay

For a more elevated option, the Sonoma-Cutrer’s Grand Cru showcases the nuances that the varied barrel aging brings to the wine. The bright acidity with the oak is quite satisfying. With a slightly spicy and even juicy finish, this wine invites drinkers to linger over a bottle on a warm summer night. A bottle is priced around $46.

Etude 2019 Grace Benoist Ranch Estate Chardonnay

For wine drinkers who appreciate floral aromas, opening a bottle of the Etude 2019 Grace Benoist Ranch Estate Chardonnay is an invitation that they cannot turn down. Discovering each layer of stone-fruit, citrus notes and even a hint of melon is like a great novel that reveals itself on every page. Whether served for at an elegant summer dinner or cocktail hour, it will leave people intrigued and wanting more. A bottle has a suggested price of $40.

Hess Select Chardonnay, Monterey County 2019

Given that Monterey County is known for its chardonnay, specifically its affordable chardonnay, the Hess Select Chardonnay is a wonderful medium-bodied wine. The crisp wine has a touch of the tropics, with its pineapple aroma. While it might not be a beach getaway in a glass, it is a taste of summer that many people will enjoy.

Myrna Chardonnay 2019

Derived from the word beloved, this structured wine unfolds like a great love story. While it has delicate floral notes, there is a hint of salty, zesty fruit that makes it feel slightly like a tropical escape. Best enjoyed with a fresh fish, this chardonnay will surprise wine drinkers.

19 Crimes 2020 Hard Chardonnay

For those uncertain to open a chardonnay, the 19 Crimes option doesn’t break the bank. While a full-bodied wine, the golden chardonnay falls on the sweeter side. Creamy and a touch spicy, this wine could be the one sipped while everyone else is eating that campfire dessert.

What summer wine is in your glass? Does your wine drinking preferences change by the season?