Driscoll’s Tropical Bliss strawberries are summer’s sweetest treat

New Driscoll's Tropical Bliss Strawberries, photo provided by Driscolls
New Driscoll's Tropical Bliss Strawberries, photo provided by Driscolls /

Summer berries are in season and the juicy fruit is waiting to be enjoyed. While Driscoll’s focuses on offering the finest berries, the leader in flavor is always looking to offer new taste experiences. Ready to take of bite of the new Driscoll’s Tropical Bliss strawberries?

For many people, there is nothing more satisfying that a fresh, juicy strawberry. While the chocolate covered variety might be a romantic gesture and a strawberry garnish might be the bright note to a dessert, the simple, fresh strawberry is always a sweet treat.

As Philip Stewart, Driscoll’s Global Strawberry Breeding Director said, “As the leader in flavor, Driscoll’s is proud to be the first in the industry to define the sensory experience for consumers everywhere, from sophisticated connoisseurs to kids. Creating Only The Finest berries is core to our innovation strategy, and we look forward to continuing to provide our consumers with quality, high-flavor berries.”

Recently, Driscoll’s has curated proprietary strawberry varieties. Starting with the Sweetest Batch, those berries were exceptionally juicy. With hints of fruit punch and even a candy-like influence, the extra sweetness had young and old devouring these berries. Even if grandma always put a little sugar on her berries, the Sweetest Batch didn’t need them.

When Driscoll’s revealed the Rosé Strawberries, many people were drawn to the color. While some people might embrace the rose all day summer mantra, these berries are equally as enticing. The slightly floral notes paired with a touch of peach and pink lemonade make for a delightful flavor experience. Plus, the color looks amazing on a fruit plate.

With the new Driscoll’s Tropical Bliss strawberries, the flavor evolves as the berries are enjoyed. At first quite sweet, the finish softens.

Looking at the color, it is not the vibrant red hues that people have come to expect. The yellows and white are more reminiscent of other tropical fruits, which makes sense because of the tropical flavors. The touch of sweet pineapple and a hint of the tart passion fruit make this berry a tropical delight.

Driscoll’s strawberry innovations invite people to turn eating berries into a total sensory experience. Created by the culinary team, the Driscoll’s Berry Patch Sensory Wheels look beyond just a simple eating experience. As Yueng said, “The Driscoll’s Berry Patch Sensory Wheels took a team of sensory scientists over two years to create and we are excited to see consumers interact with them as they sample our newest flavor innovation in strawberries.”

The Sensory Wheel looks at four areas taste, texture, flavor, aroma, and mouthfeel. Even though some people just grab berries and eat, there is something to be said about enjoying the total eating experience. Just like a well composed dish combines flavors, textures, appearance and more, each food can have the similar discussion.

Everyone appreciates that there is a difference between a great berry and just a berry. Given that Driscoll’s strives to offer the best berries every time, the Sensory Wheel will offer everyone a better appreciation for the care and craft put into each offering.

The Tropical Bliss Strawberries, Rosé Berries and Sweetest Batch Strawberries can be found in stores now, while supplies last throughout the summer.