Sweetest Batch and Rosé Berries return to make summer sweeter

Sweetest Batch and Rosé Berries, photo provided by Driscoll's
Sweetest Batch and Rosé Berries, photo provided by Driscoll's /

From breakfast to dessert, Driscoll’s has brought back both the Sweetest Batch and Rosé Berries to the delight of everyone. Available in both strawberries and raspberries, these fruits offer the ultimate flavor experience to the delight of everyone. Summer sweetness is on the menu.

For over 100 years, Driscoll’s has been a leader in the berry industry. Believing the concept “Only the Finest Berries,” the brand balances innovation with a taste of familiar that has berry lovers crave. With the goal of always providing flavor excellence, consumers know that these limited time berries will always be the best from the patch.

Summer and berries have always been a classic pair. From that simple bowl of berries at breakfast to the strawberry shortcake for dessert, many people have at least one container of berries in the refrigerator. That juicy, sweet bite is irresistible.

Frances Dillard, vice president of brand and product marketing for Driscoll’s, said these “berry varieties give consumers an immersive eating experience that delivers on the superior taste and texture, which helped them to earn such massive popularity and a cult-like following.” After the huge response to seeing these berries previously, many people have anticipated their triumphant return.

What are the Sweetest Batch berries?

According to Driscoll, Sweetest Batch berries are considered “high-flavor berries.” Cultivated to be the juiciest, richest, most enjoyable berry eating experience, one bite captures that sentiment.

While the Sweetest batch strawberries, raspberries and blueberries are available now, additional varieties will be available in season. During the winter, blackberries will be appear in stores. Sold only for a limited time, it is best to buy these berries and not wait to enjoy them.

Have you enjoyed Rosé Berries yet?

Borrowing from that Rosé All Day mantra, these special berries were cultivated to capture that connection to popular wine. While the color nod to the delicate pink wine is clear, it is the flavor that brings people back.

The “sweet, peachy flavor paired with a soft floral finish” holds many pairing options. From simply enjoying the berries on their own, incorporating them into a recipe or simply using them as a garnish for a cocktail, there is a reason to purchase more than one container.

The Rosé Berries are available in both strawberries and raspberries. Given that they are a limited time product, it is best to enjoy sooner versus later.

For more information on Driscoll’s berries or to find a retailer, please visit the brand’s website.

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Summer and berries might bring back a feeling of nostalgia, but these Sweetest Batch berries and Rosé Berries offer a modern twist on that familiar flavor. Are you ready to enjoy the best berries in the bowl?