13 Rose wines to drink for each week of summer

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(Photo by George Rose/Getty Images) /

Rose All Day season is here, and these 13 rose wines will offer a new sip for each summer week. From classic brands that always deliver a delightful flavor experience to newer options that deserve to be discovered, the wine fridge is stocked, the wine opener is ready and the glasses are set to be filled. Which rose wines will you open first?

Hampton Water

One of the more popular rose wines, Hampton Water might have caught people’s attention because of Jessie Bongiovi’s famous father, but the wine is impeccable. It is not just a celebrity putting their name on a bottle. The nuanced flavor makes people dive in time and again.

Whispering Angel

Considered one of the wines that changed the rose conversation, this dry rose is alluring. With a subtle color that seems to caress the glass, the first sip lingers. Like the subtle call in the wind, it draws the wine drinker back with a promise to reveal more.

Maison No 9

While Post Malone says that this rose is “for when you want to get a little fancy,” the reality is that you do not have to create a special occasion to open a bottle of this rose. Although a touch fruity, the wine pairs beautifully with a wide variety of dishes. At the same time, it is delightful just drunk on its own, even if you are wearing yoga pants.

Erath Rose

This Oregon wine offers a lot of intense fruit forward flavors. With a hint of rose petal aroma that entices on the first pour, this wine has a complexity that lends itself to exploration. It is more than just an easy sipper and sometimes a wine drinker needs to be challenged.

H3 Rose

While the wings on the label might convey a desire to take flight, this crisp, somewhat vivacious wine is perfect a lively event. With notes of apple and watermelon, it is perfect for that summer evening when the fireworks illuminate the night sky.

Chateau Ste. Michelle Rose

For wine drinkers who prefer a little more dry forward rose wine, this offering from Chateau Ste. Michelle is a lively choice. While there are citrus notes, the watermelon flavors are more forward. Delightful with a pasta dish or even a simple cheese plate, this wine has broad appeal.

Cotes de Provence Rosé from Aldi

Aldi has become a mecca for wine lovers. The wine selection with approachable prices has many people looking for that next, great Aldi find.

The Cotes de Provence Rose from Aldi seems to always find a spot in the shopping cart. The strawberry flavor in this wine lends itself to that easy afternoon of snack grazing. From a seafood dip to even a little crudite platter, the options are many.

Chloe Rose

Just like the bow on the bottle, the Chloe Rose is a little gift. The very balanced rose brings a touch of sweetness from the raspberries. While there is a little touch of acidity, the wine is a treat that you will want to unwrap time and again.

Cote des Roses

While the flower petal influence bottle might be iconic, the wine flavor entices people to open bottle after bottle. With grapefruit and citrus to bring out the brightness, this wine offers a lovely bouquet that deserves to be enjoyed time and again.

Josh Cellars Prosecco Rose

One of the newest offerings from Josh Cellars, the brand’s Prosecco Rose has delightful wild berry and blackberry flavors. The touch of acidity makes each sip even more refreshing. Whether served as an apertif or with a light meal, the truth is that there is always a reason to open another bottle.

Apothic Wines Rose

Each Apothic Wine varietal has a little allure behind that iconic filigree design. The Apothic Rose has a new label from Los Angeles based tattoo artist Sasha Masiuk. As the first sip surprises, the last sip will hopefully reveal the nuance that allure of the label offers.

Avaline Sparkling Rose

Many people have discovered the beauty of the Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power wines. The new Avaline Sparkling Rose is clean, void of those “unnecessary extras.” When the flavors of the organic grapes are allowed to sparkle, the beauty is allowed to shine.

Earl Stevens Prosecco Rose

When the citrus aroma is released from the of of the bottle, the excitement builds to that first sip. With a brilliant color and red berry finish, this sparkling wine will make people take notice.

Santa Margherita Sparkling Rose

Santa Margherita is an iconic wine brand that this sparkling wine deserves a second, third and fourth sip. Whether served as an apertif or even paired with a light summer dessert, these bubbles are ready to be enjoyed.

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These 13 rose wines are just a small sampling of the many options available. Rose all day isn’t just limited to summer, but it is the season to sip and savor another bottle.