Naturdays embraces the lemonade beverage trend in a refreshing way

Naturdays for Memorial Day, photo provided by Natty Light
Naturdays for Memorial Day, photo provided by Natty Light /

Summer and Naturdays are the perfect pair. From backyard barbecues to easy afternoons by the pool, a chilled can is waiting to be sipped. While some people always have a Natty Light in the cooler, the Naturdays line brings a little more fun to the drinking. With the new Naturdays Red, White and Blueberry Lemonade, summer refreshment gets a bold upgrade.

While years ago Natty Daddy captured that Father’s Day summer vibe, the Naturdays line has expanded its lemonade forward offerings to the delight of many drinkers. Even though sessionable beers are popular during the long, fun filled summer days, these lemonade forward options are quite refreshing. For people who prefer to skip the beer or hard seltzer flavors, this Natural Light beverage fills the gap.

With the newest flavor offering Naturdays Red, White, and Blueberry Lemonade, it continues the fruit influenced twist on the classic lemonade beverage. As Benjamin Martinez, Head of Marketing, Natural Light Brands said, “With Naturdays Red, White, and Blueberry Lemonade, we’ve created a mouth-watering addition to the Naturdays family that’s perfect for beach, lake and poolside hangs with friends all summer long.”

Thinking about this particular beverage flavor, it is a touch less sweet than the strawberry or pineapple option. Although pineapple is having a moment this summer, the blueberry flavor channels a more traditional, almost nostalgic vibe. That newstalgic concept seems to be taking over all areas of the food and beverage aisle.

While many people will grab a 12-pack because of the red, white and blue designation for those parties, this beverage flavor is more than just a holiday beverage. It is that easy sipper for long, summer days. A touch juicy and a little tart, it is easy to drink. But, like all alcoholic beverages, it is best to be enjoyed responsibly.

Whether paired with classic burgers and hot dogs or non-traditional food pairing like a fresh ceviche, the new Naturdays flavor can go with almost everything. It might even be a smart choice to serve with that blueberry cobbler dessert.

Naturdays Red, White and Blueberry Lemonade is available now at various retailers. Prices and promotions may vary.