Pop-Tarts get a spark of red, white and blueberry for summer

Red, White and Blueblueberry PopTarts, photo provided by PopTarts
Red, White and Blueblueberry PopTarts, photo provided by PopTarts /

As the unofficial start of summer is here, it is time to bring out all the red, white and blue to celebrate. Red, White, and Blueberry Pop-Tarts are back and there’s only one place where you can score a box.

During the summer, color is often on the table. Whether it is Memorial Day, 4th of July or the end of summer Labor Day bash, red, white and blue is the theme of the event. While the fireworks might be illuminating the sky, the table is exploding with color and flavor.

Back for the summer, the Red, White and Blueberry Pop-Tarts have returned. For those who don’t remember, the colorful toaster pastry has a blueberry flavored filling in between the flaky red crust. Topped with sprinkles, it is a festive celebration every time the sliver wrapper is opened.

This summer, the limited edition, seasonal flavor is exclusive to Walmart. Given that Walmart has numerous Great Value options on the shelf, there are plenty of reasons to add a box during that next shopping trip.

Thinking about these Red, White and Blueberry Pop-Tarts, they aren’t just a breakfast treat. While many people enjoy them any time of the day, why not use the classic toaster pastry into a tasty summer dessert?

Beyond the color that entices the eye, the flavor channels that classic blueberry pie or cobbler, but without having to turn on the oven. Why not use the Pop-Tarts as an easy riff on a blueberry pie al a mode. Even just a bowl of vanilla ice cream can get a tasty upgrade with a few Pop-Tarts in the bowl.

Or, why not use the Pop-Tarts to create an ice cream sandwich. Just think of the kids’ reaction when they see those desserts served after dinner.

What creative ways do you enjoy Pop-Tarts? What is your favorite Pop-Tarts flavor?