Burger King celebrates its birthday with a redesigned BK crown

(Photo Illustration by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
(Photo Illustration by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) /

While there might be a cake covered with candles and a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday for that celebration, Burger King is marking its 68th birthday with a new look. Grab that redesigned BK crown and a special free Whopper deal for the momentous occasion.

Birthdays are reasons to celebrate. Even if some people would prefer to forget that they are another year older, others are ready to tell the world that it is their special day. Whether it is that social media post, a birthday button or something else, that one day deserves the red-carpet treatment.

At Burger King, June 1 is reason to celebrate for two reasons. First, there is a food special for Royal Perks members. Although there are always plenty of rewards and benefits from being part of the Burger King Royal loyalty family, this deal makes the mid-week lunch decision even easier.

Royal Perks members can receive a free Whopper Jr sandwich with the purchase of $1 or more. The offer is available on June 1 only. Basically, guests can buy some fries, a beverage or anything that is a $1 or more and get free food.

The offer will be available via the Burger King app or via the brand’s website. It is best to check with local restaurants for participation.

Ready to wear a redesigned BK crown while eating that free Whopper Jr?

As part of its birthday celebration, Burger King partnered with a Miami-based artist, Romero Britto on a redesigned BK crown. While many people have grown-up with that Burger King staple, this new version blends a vibrant design without losing the iconic feel that many people have grown to love.

According to Romero Britto, “Some of my first memories of moving to the United States include going to Burger King and getting a Whopper and a crown. It was the only restaurant I frequented – in fact, my first date with my wife was at a Burger King – so this collaboration felt like a natural fit. Having the opportunity to redesign the iconic BK crown is such an honor, and having been a fan of the brand for so long this partnership brings it all full circle.”

While the shape of the crown remains the same, the limited-edition BK crown features a pop art design. From the bold colors to the artistic interpretation of the classic Whopper, everyone will want to get their hands on the redesigned BK crown. It might not be Burger King’s Platinum Jubilee, but this royal accessory is a must have.

The redesigned BK crown is available while supplies last. Also, this crown unlocks the potential of winning some prizes. For more information, please visit bk.com/offer-terms.

It’s Burger King’s birthday and it is time to celebrate. Get that free Whopper Jr and redesigned BK Crown for the special occasion.