This sweet and savory breakfast sandwich will upgrade your morning routine

Breakfast Ricotta Granola Crumble Grilled Cheese recipe, photo provided by Galbani Cheese
Breakfast Ricotta Granola Crumble Grilled Cheese recipe, photo provided by Galbani Cheese /

Morning routines can often start the day on the right path. From that cup of coffee to a favorite breakfast recipe, many people believe that the first meal of the day is an important one. Although a breakfast sandwich might be a favorite, this sweet and savory breakfast sandwich recipe offers a flavor upgrade that everyone can get behind.

Eggs and cheese sandwiched between bread is a classic. From the fluffiest of scrambled eggs to the perfectly runny egg, everyone has a favorite way of enjoying that incredible egg.

When paired with a perfectly melted, unctuous cheese, the bite is even more satisfying. The combination of textures and flavors instantly brighten the plate. Whether it is a touch messy, perfectly pleasing or a combination of both, the crumbs left behind prove that it was delicious.

Although many people grab a slice of Swiss or a chunk of cheddar, those harder cheeses aren’t necessarily the only option. In this recipe from Galbani Ricotta, the luscious ricotta is treated more like a spread. It might be time to skip the slice and slather an extra layer of the cheesy goodness.

Here’s how to make a Breakfast Ricotta Granola Crumble Grilled Cheese.


  • 15 oz. of Galbani Ricotta,
  • 4 eggs,
  • ½ cup of milk,
  • 1-4 oz. package of diced pancetta,
  • 5 tbsp. of butter (softened and divided),
  • ½ cup of brown sugar,
  • 2 cups of granola
  • 8 slices of cinnamon swirl bread


  • Whisk eggs with milk and set aside.
  • Add granola to a bowl and place it next to the egg bowl.
  • Add pancetta to a preheated skillet and cook it until it’s crisp on medium-high heat. Remove and set the skillet aside.
  • Lay out slices of bread and spread butter on one side of each slice. Use 2 tbsp. of butter total. On the unbuttered side, spread a thick layer of Ricotta cheese.
  • Top the Ricotta cheese with onions and pancetta and cover it with the remaining slice of bread. When closed, dip the entire sandwich in the egg mixture and transfer to the granola to completely coat it on all sides.
  • Preheat a nonstick pan and melt 2 tbsp. butter using low to medium heat. Once the butter is melted, add the sandwich and cook for 90 seconds (press down with a spatula). Flip the sandwich and repeat until crisp. The remove the sandwich, cut it in half and serve it.

In a way, this recipe is a sweet, savory, crunchy version of a French Toast or even twist on a croque monsieur. The Ricotta cheese elevates the flavor as it contrasts the pancetta.

While this version is served simply on its own, consider a marmalade or a jam to be served on the side. Similar to the croque monsieur, a little brightness from some fruit could make for a delightful pairing.

Ready to upgrade to this sweet and savory breakfast sandwich? What other uses for Ricotta do you recommend?