ALDI serves up sunny summer brunch deals that are a steal

(Photo by Roberto Machado Noa/LightRocket via Getty Images)
(Photo by Roberto Machado Noa/LightRocket via Getty Images) /

As more and more consumers look to maximize their food dollars spent, ALDI and its weekly finds are always a top choice. The photos of the overflowing carts are proof that the family shopping budget can go far with these cost-effective food finds. And, these summer brunch deals are the brightest finds of the month.

Summer and brunch seem to go hand in hand. The idea of a leisurely morning gathered around the table brings the smiles. Whether it is a sparkling beverage in the glass or that favorite coffee, it is the bounty of food on the table that makes people linger longer.

Since the food board trend remains on the table, brunch is a perfect time to showcase that bounty. Luckily, the summer brunch deals at ALDI ensure that the table is full of options for every palate. A touch sweet, a little savory and everything in between are waiting to be discovered.

For example, consider making a muffin board for that summer brunch. Combine both the mini Bake Shop and the full size Bake Shop muffins with a variety of fresh fruit. Whether people like the zesty lemon options for the fruity berry flavors, there is a muffin for every flavor prefer.

Let everyone customize their muffins with a touch of butter or jam. For example, the Selected Brunch Gift Pack is inspired by classic brunch cocktails. From the sweetness of a strawberry mimosa to the tanginess of a peach bellini, each one is delightful on a muffin or toast. And, if there is any leftover, it would be a lovely touch of sweetness on a cheese plate.

For a heartier brunch option, consider serving the Breakfast Best Egg and Cheese or Sausage and Cheese Breakfast Pitas. It might not be an omelet made to order, but summer brunch is about leisure, not labor.

And, don’t forget the beverages to pair with all the summer brunch deals. ALDI has a wide variety of summer beverage options that will quench any thirst. From the Pineapple Mimosa to a refreshing wine seltzer, the options are many.

This summer, save a few extra dollars for that night out by filling the cart with these summer brunch deals from ALDI. What great find will be in the cart this week?