Plantspired Steak offers a flavorful take on Asian inspired dishes

Plantspired Steak, photo provided by Nasoya
Plantspired Steak, photo provided by Nasoya /

As plant-based food continues to take over the marketplace, not all offerings are created equal. While many people appreciate the idea of switching proteins, the flavor needs to bring satisfaction. With Plantspired Steak from Nasoya, flavor meets convenience. Ready to get cooking?

Long before the plant-based food market became crowded, tofu options were the most common. While that food can adapt to a variety of flavors, cooks looked for ways to transform the taste and texture to make it even more satisfying.

Nasoya appreciates that many cooks want convenience mixed into the flavorful, balanced food choices. If food is not easy to make, some people can gravitate to other, potentially less healthy ideas. When the refrigerator is stocked with healthy eating options that are quick to prepare, people are opting for the balanced choice.

With the new Plantspired Steak, the sliced, seasoned plant-based steak offers a taste of Korean BBQ flavor. Having a touch of char, the smaller pieces work in a wide variety of dishes. From a lettuce wrap to a taco to over rice, the options are many.

Recently, Chef Dale Talde created some tasty recipes using the Plantspired Steak. Even though the ingredient is pre-seasoned, it can be transformed with other flavors. For example, Chef Dale uses a strawberry gochujang glaze to bring the sweet heat to the conversation. The fresh, sweet strawberries contrasted the pungent, spicy gochujang in the best possible way.

More importantly, the sauce allowed the Plantspired Steak to take on a lovely char when quickly grilled. That added texture increased the eating enjoyment. As many people appreciate, various textures lead to eating satisfaction.

While Chef Dale used this idea as a simple skewer, it could be served over rice for a dinner. Even though chef recommends staying in a “lane” when it comes to a flavor direction, there are plenty of ways to make this concept a heartier meal.

In addition, this tofu option can be used in a stir-fry recipe. The simple swap makes for an easy way to adopt more plant-based food choices into a weekly routine. While Chef Dale offered a wok option with Moo Shu Pancakes, it could be served over some soba noodles or even a taco, too.

Actually, this wok recipe is a great way to use any leftover vegetables or other ingredients. Since no one wants to waste food, throwing everything into the wok with a great seasoning is a way to stretch the food dollar.

At the recent National Restaurant Association Show, the Plantspired Steak was a highlight of the sustainable, flexitarian food trends that continue to be front and center. Whether it is the home cook looking to add more options to the weekly dinner menu or restaurants expanding their menu diversity, this product is one that foodies appreciate.

Given that plant-based food will continue to be part of the conversation, consumers will look to brands that deliver the flavor and the convenience. Since tofu can adapt to a variety of cuisines, it becomes the versatile ingredient that consumers want in their refrigerator.

Whether it is Meatless Monday or any day, consider tossing some Plantspired Steak into the wok or onto the grill. When the family enjoys that first taste, they will be excited to come back for more.