Taco Bell commits to the fastest drive-thru experience

Taco Bell Defy, photo provided by Taco Bell
Taco Bell Defy, photo provided by Taco Bell /

When that Chapula craving hits, no one wants to feel stifled by long wait in the drive-thru line. As Taco Bell Defy opens its lanes to customers, the innovative drive-thru concept looks to redefine the quick in quick service restaurant. Could this concept be the future of drive-thru?

Announced last year, some people wondered if the four-lane, drive-thru concept with food elevators would be as innovative as promised. Although skeptics will always criticize, it appears that Taco Bell Defy will deliver on streamlining the food delivery experience. As it debuts in Minnesota, many people are wondering if this concept will soon appear on a street corner near them.

Taco Bell continually looks to its consumer and their wants. Whether it is the return of popular menu items, like the Mexican Pizza or Nacho Fries, or offering value in its menu, the quick service restaurant appreciates that its consumers are vital to the brand’s continued success.

Given that long food waits do not make for happy guests, the Taco Bell Defy looks to create a “two-minute or less drive-thru experience.” Although some quick service restaurants have been touted for their efficient food delivery methods, this style of restaurant seeks to create a structure to streamline the process.

From food elevators to four delivery lanes, the ground-up concept seems to work well in this Minnesota setting, but another question remains in that food bag. Would Taco Bell Defy work across the country?

Whether it is the quick grab and go bite or the more efficient pick up for food delivery services, this style of restaurant is unique. While much will be said about the innovative concept and the possibilities that it offers within the quick service restaurant space, there might be other limitation. Is it feasible for this concept to be featured on a street corner in any town USA?

Even if the entire restaurant concept of Taco Bell Defy doesn’t start popping up across the country, many of the aspects could be adapted by quick service restaurants. Some ideas have been employed more recently. Adding additional drive-thru lanes, automated food delivery and other concepts can enhance efficiency. Making fast food faster is important to many consumers. As long as that order is quick, correct and complete, does it matter who delivers it to the car window?

As cars pass through the Taco Bell Defy line consumers will make their choice about a return visit. That factor will decide if Taco Bell has defied the old-school drive-thru concept and put it on a new path.