Jurassic World food claws its ways into fans hands

Trolli adds Jurassic World candy, photo provided by Trolli
Trolli adds Jurassic World candy, photo provided by Trolli /

As the highly anticipated Jurassic World New Dominion hits theaters, many Jurassic World food options have come to the table. From snack time to dinner, stretch out those arms and grab a taste before Blue runs away with all the deliciousness.

Summer movies and food often go hand in hand. Whether or not the food shortages impact the movie concession stand, the reality is that those iconic characters have people hungry for another treat. Luckily, there are plenty of options to be eaten.

Borrowing inspiration from both the locale of the Jurassic World movies and the animals roaming the land, the Trolli Sour Tropical Dinos bring a taste of the weirdly awesome to the prehistoric world. The duality of flavors seems to capture that juxtaposition in the movie world. Blue might seem sweet, but deep down that wild animal is always ready to attack.

For fans who want to start their day with some dino fun, Trix Trax brings a colorful adventure to the bowl. Mixed in with the dinosaur tracks, the dinosaur and dinosaur egg-shaped marshmallows will have everyone stomping ready for the day.

Continuing the idea of digging for some Jurassic treats, the Kinder Joy Dino-Filled Eggs are perfect for the younger fans. Featuring Jurassic World Dominion toys, these prehistoric treats are ready to hatch some excitement for playtime and beyond.

Also, Keebler Fudge Stripes Chocolate Caramel Flavored Cookies have been marked by those impressive dinosaurs. From the dino imprints to the amber colored fudge, it could be the treat to calm the nerves after watching the dinosaurs run amuck through the streets.

While these treats are available at many retailers, Universal Studios is bringing a taste of Jurassic World food to guests. Voodoo Doughnuts have a limited-edition Jurassic World doughnut available through June 25. Featuring a depiction of the movie logo, everyone will want to break open that filled doughnut.

For guests at Universal Orlando, the Summer Tribute store has several Jurassic World themed desserts. Between digging into that layered dessert or enjoying the version of s’mores, there is a treat to satisfy that sweet tooth.

Hungry for some Jurassic World food? What treats will be making their way to your table?