Jimmy John’s Thai Chicken Wrap brings tangy crunch to its summer wraps

Jimmy John’s first-ever drive-thru site, photo provided by Jimmy John's
Jimmy John’s first-ever drive-thru site, photo provided by Jimmy John's /

Flavor innovation continues to drive Jimmy John’s forward. After a successful launch last summer, the Sandwich of Sandwiches is looking to wrap up a new menu offering. Ready for a taste of the new Thai Chicken Wrap?

Whether it is that iconic bread or the freaky fast delivery, there are many reasons why people order from Jimmy John’s. Made fresh in the restaurant, that combination of deli meat, fresh vegetables and top of the line condiments makes for a perfect bite.

Although many people cannot get enough of that iconic bread, the summer wraps were a huge hit when launched last year. Tightly rolled into that perfect bite, it showed that many people like to have food options. Just because the tortilla fits the bill one day didn’t mean that the favorite sandwich was pushed aside. That touch of variety brought guests back for more.

As Darin Dugan, Jimmy John’s Chief Marketing Officer said, “We are excited to continue our breakthrough innovation and drive momentum of the business.” The return of the Summer Wraps is part of that concept.

A new addition to the menu, the Jimmy John’s Thai Chicken Wrap brings tangy flavors front and center. Featuring a Thai satay sauce, the all-natural chicken is bold but approachable. When combined with the crunchy cucumbers for a touch of brightness and the crispy carrot noodles for a hint of sweet, it is a delicious bite.

Even though the Jimmy John’s menu tends to be more traditional sandwich flavors, this Thai inspired offering is perfect for summer. Although that summer vacation might be on the calendar, sometimes a new flavor can help satisfy that sense of wanderlust.

Jimmy Johns limited edition wraps
Jimmy John’s new limited edition wraps, photo by Cristine Struble /

In addition to the Thai Chicken Wrap, the Chicken Caesar is returning to the menu. Just like last summer’s offering, this wrap is basically everything that people love about a Caesar salad. From the creamy dressing to the crunchy croutons, it is time to put down the fork and pick up the wrap.

If either of the summer wraps sound tasty, don’t wait too long to enjoy them. Just like summer fun, these two menu items are only available for a limited time.