Tic Tac responds to fans and brings back this favorite spicy flavor

Tic Tac at IHeart Festival at T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, photo provided by IHeart Music
Tic Tac at IHeart Festival at T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, photo provided by IHeart Music /

While the new Tic Tac Tropical Adventure has many people shaking up some fruity fun, many Tic Tac fans have been longing for spicier flavor to return to the shelf. Get ready for a little sizzle with that iconic shake because Tic Tac Cinnamon is back.

According to Ferrero, Tic Tac Cinnamon is back for a limited time. Available via Amazon, the four-pack 2.9 oz containers of the cinnamon flavored mints can be purchased for just $12. Given that this offering is a limited edition run, many people who cannot get enough of the spicy sweet mint will definitely purchase a few containers to keep in the purse, desk drawer and a variety of other places.

While Tic Tac offers a variety of refreshing mint flavors, many people longed to have cinnamon back in the flavor family. Although Sinfully Cinnamon made a short comeback for a seasonal release, some people wanted more. For them, it wasn’t a “naughty” flavor. It is that taste that they love.

As seen in a Change.org petition, many people hoped to convince Ferrero to bring it back. Even various tweets made it known that Tic Tac Cinnamon needed to return. Although this offering is a limited one, fans can hope that cinnamon will be bringing its sizzle for a little while longer.

This latest offering is another example of food fans who have been able to influence companies. Although voicing that opinion is not a guarantee that a food will return to the shelf or the menu, the reality is that companies are listening.

The Taco Bell Mexican Pizza is a prime example how a particular food is more than just a tasty menu item. It represents a connection between people and culture. As order after order piles in, it is clear that food has a deeper connection than just another flavor craving.

For now, Tic Tac Cinnamon is back. But, there’s another question on the table. What other favorite food that is on hiatus could return, too?