MTN DEW Overdrive fuels the next summer adventure

New MTN DEW Overdrive at Casey's, photo provided by Casey's
New MTN DEW Overdrive at Casey's, photo provided by Casey's /

As the temperatures rise and the summer fun heats up, the Dew Nation is ready to hit the road. But, all that fun can cause quite a thirst. Luckily, MTN DEW Overdrive, exclusively available at Casey’s, is chilled and ready to be that tasty refreshment.

While the iconic citrus flavors of the classic MTN DEW always satisfy, the vibrant green beverage isn’t the only hue on the shelf. Even though many people long for the Baja Blast or crave the charge of Code Red, the reality is that the flavor variety from brand keeps the Dew Nation thirsty for more.

Over the past several months, MTN DEW has launched several location specific flavors. Although many loyal fans are happy to stalk a webpage for that beverage launch or drive to a specific location, the unique beverage flavors become a status symbol of the most passionate members of the Dew Nation. Enjoying every last drop of the special beverages puts those fans in an elite class.

The new MTN DEW Overdrive is said to feature “mango, raspberry and lime flavors.” While a few of those flavors are represented in other Dew variations, the combination seems to capture summer flavors with bold refreshment. A hint tropical, a touch tart and slightly sweet, it should help to keep that summer fun in high gear.

Also, the new MTN DEW flavor adds another character to its growing menagerie. Benny the Bearalope is ready to hit the lake or climb a mountain. The new character will appear at Casey’s stores throughout the summer.

With the new MTN DEW Overdrive, the Casey’s specific offering is more than just another tasty treat from the beverage brand. It might spark another conversation about food and beverage pairings. Based on the statement by Tom Brennan, Chief Merchandising Officer, Casey’s, MTN DEW might be borrowing some food pairing inspiration from its beverage parent company.

Brennan said “As the third largest convenience retailer and fifth largest pizza chain in the U.S., we’re always looking for the most flavorful products to pair with our handmade pizza, and MTN DEW knows a thing or two about flavor. We are looking forward to welcoming DEW Nation and Casey’s fans alike into our stores to taste the delicious combo of MTN DEW OVERDRIVE and Casey’s pizza, and fuel whatever outdoor adventures await this summer.”

People might debate whether or not this MTN DEW flavor is the perfect pairing with a Casey’s pizza remains to be seen. But, the Dew Nation might want to consider how the iconic beverages and their various flavors play off certain food choices. That MTN DEW Cookbook might need a few extra chapters.

Are you thirsty for the new MTN DEW Overdrive? Which MTN DEW beverage do you think will be the hit of the summer?