Instacart gives families more ways to save on their shopping list

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For many families, weekly food shopping has become a stressful endeavor. While food costs continue to rise and packages have begun to shrink, the cart has begun to look a little different. Sometimes online shopping can help to keep that budget under control as those last-minute impulse purchases can be saved for another date. Instacart is looking to help families even more by revamping its Subscription Service. Ready to keep a few extra dollars in the wallet?

Many people have come to appreciate the time savings that Instacart offers. Whether it is shopping in their pajamas or that last minute forgotten dinner item, the ability to click, shop and arrive at the front door has become many families shopping routine.

While the popular service has expanded to include shoppable recipes, ready-made meals and other household items, the food deliverables are often the most recognizable part of the service. Since some people order frequently, the company’s subscription service was a way to keep shopping cost effective. Priced at $9.99 or $99 a year, the additional fee pays for itself after a few orders.

In a recent announcement, the subscription service has a new name and a slew of new benefits. Instacart+ looks to make “family grocery shopping easier, more collaborative, and inspirational.” Since family can be defined in many ways, this service can be shared by all types of families. From the parents with teens to roommates to larger families, the whole idea is to simplify the shopping process.

Since no one wants to turn family dinner into fight night, collaborative shopping lists can help ensure that everyone is on the same page. Whether the kids need another box of granola bars for school or dad needs extra garlic for Sunday night steaks, giving everyone the opportunity to add their items is key to keeping the family peace.

While the convenience factor is important, people want to save. Brand loyalty may not be as important as dollars spent. This program offers savings in addition to the ease of use. From free delivery to a percentage back on pick-up orders, there are plenty of ways to save on the bottom line.

By adding more perks to its program, Instacart shows that it needs to adapt to keep its consumers engaged. As the brand continues to evolve, it ensures that the app will be front and center on the screen.

Do you use Instacart? Is it the convenience or something else that makes it a top choice?