2022 Royal Ascot menu takes a gallop into the future of food

Royal Ascot Pastries, photo provided by Sodexo
Royal Ascot Pastries, photo provided by Sodexo /

While all eyes might be on the fashion, the 2022 Royal Ascot menu has many people chewing on some tasty food trends and delectable treats. Although no one would dare let a crumb of that crumpet mar the perfectly posh fashion, the crowd is cheering for all the delights.

For this year’s event, Sodexo Live is putting sustainability front and center. For the first time, the racecourse will feature the venue’s first-ever Net Zero Restaurant. Called Neutro, the restaurant features locally sourced ingredients, with many plant-based choices. In addition, the venture will use recycled and upcycled materials. Even the food waste will be handled in such a way that to reduce carbon emissions.

Although this concept is the first of its kind, many people can hope that it will become an example for other sporting venues. While several stadiums have transitioned to aluminum cups, locally sourced products and other sustainable measures, there is still much progress to be made. Any step forward should be celebrated.

While six Michelin-starred chefs have contributed to the outstanding menus, the Platinum Jubilee Afternoon Tea pastry service is fit for anyone who is feeling a touch royal. Created in collaboration with Cake Boy London, the South West London favorite has balanced elevated offerings with a sense of playfulness.

The special offerings include “Lemon and Gibraltar pine needle pound cake, with zesty Amalfi lemon frosting, Raspberry and cocoa nib scones, Platinum Jubilee yogurt granola cup, British summer berry bavaroise, with lychee pearls, served in a strawberry tart, Imperial Teardrop; dark chocolate mousse, with a salted caramel centre, dusted in 23-carat gold leafs.”

Looking at the offerings, there is a touch of elegance in every treat. From the gold leaf to the ingredients themselves, they are exquisite. At the same time, there is a nod to simple traditions. Summer berries are always a staple. But, these offerings have a slightly modern twist.

Royal Ascot has been a British tradition since 1711. Sodexo Live has been a partner since 1998.