This epic lobster offering is the ultimate summer seafood catch

Lobster Roll Wedding Cake, photo provided by Maine Lobster
Lobster Roll Wedding Cake, photo provided by Maine Lobster /

Summer and the sea are a perfect pair. While some people head to the shore for a vacation, the water washes up a delicious feast. For those craving crustacean, this epic lobster offering is a must for the summer seafood lover. It is the ultimate expression of delicious devotion.

As wedding season begins, many people are hoping that the walk down the aisle results in a match for life. Beyond the dress, the flowers and vows, the food is often an expression of that perfect union. For some people, it might be time to put aside the pastry and pick up a claw. A lobster claw that is.

For someone who wants to express “you’re my lobster,” the Myseafood has created the most delicious Maine Lobster Roll Wedding Cake. It will have many people saying I Do, and Do and Do again till each tier is devoured.

According to the brand, the Maine Lobster Roll Wedding Cake features 48 Maine Lobster Rolls. Or, it can be served as 96 half rolls. Topped with “You’re My Lobster,” the happy couple can wear the two custom embroidered Lobster Lovers bibs. Since no one is cracking that shell, this tiered creation should bring flavorful bliss.

Even though this offering is meant to be a “wedding cake,” it can be a food statement for any occasion. Why can’t that epic party feature this lobster extravaganza?

Blue Apron Lobster Box
Blue Apron Lobster Box, photo provided by Blue Apron /

While this epic lobster offering has everyone talking, it isn’t the only way to satisfy that lobster craving. Blue Apron is offering a Summer Lobster Box that brings all the classic flavors to the table. Part of the brand’s seasonal meal kits, this offering captures the best flavors of summer.

Included in the Summer Lobster Box is a creamy potato salad, green salad and corn on the cob. The lobster rolls are a classic variety with lemon and chives. It brings a taste of the shore without having to crack those claws and tails.

The seasonal meal kit for four is available outside of the subscription. The four serving offering is $129.98.

This summer seafood celebration is all about the epic lobster. Don’t let the season pass without enjoying a bite of deliciousness.