Festive Father’s Day treats that show dad how sweet life is

While dad might want a juicy steak on the grill or cold beer in the mug, a sweet treat can bring smiles all around. Even if an idea has a little twist of silliness, these Festive Father’s Day treats add another layer of fun to the holiday. Doesn’t dear dad deserve a little extra for the celebration?

Beyond the Father’s Day cocktails and the big feast, Father’s Day treats are often part of the celebration. For the dad who has a sweet tooth, dessert is the perfect ending to the day. Or, maybe that treat is the star of the table.

This year, Serendipity3 is serving an indulgent sip for the occasion. For the first time ever, the infamous restaurant is serving a spiked dessert. The Spiked Cherry Cola Ice Cream Float might be dad’s dream come true.

Made with Bud Light Hard Soda Cherry Cola, it has a lighthearted twist on the soda shop classic. Served with Birthday Cake ice cream flavor and topped with whipped cream and a cherry, it brings the whimsy to the celebration. The Spiked Cherry Cola Ice Cream float will be available through June 19 at the restaurant.

While the iconic Serendipity3 is serving this epic float, you could make a version at home, too. Why not buy some pints of the Serendipity3 and some Bud Light Seltzer Hard Soda and create your own version. Just because you’re not in New York City doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on the fun.

If dad has more simple tastes, it might be time to upgrade his look a little. Although that traditional tie gift might be tired, Baby Ruth has created a special limited edition accessory that will get everyone talking.

The Daddy Ruth by Baby Ruth is the ultimate cargo tie. Given that many people are heading back to the office, this one-of-a-kind tie can ensure that dad doesn’t have a sugar crash during those long meetings. It will be a gift that he won’t forget.

The classic Ferrero candy isn’t the only treat that is bringing the fun to Father’s Day. Compartés has a decadent Nightcap Whiskey Dark Chocolate Bar. Infused with whiskey, the flavor has a warm copper black smokey finish.

Why not serve that chocolate with a pour of Doughball Cookie Dough Whiskey. The flavored whiskey with a shot of dough-bachery, it is tasty both neat or mixed into a cocktail. Even just consider serving a piece of chocolate with it. It is the whiskey that will definitely surprise you.

No matter the festival Father’s Day treats on the table, just make sure that they are served with a smile and a side of gratitude. Dad deserves a little extra sweetness on his special day.