McDonald’s brings the fizz to its Summer Sprite promotion

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) /

While a Happy Meal can bring smiles and a Big Mac can satisfy a hunger, the reality is that warm summer days bring a thirst. Although McDonald’s has a wide array of beverages on the menu, the first day of summer Sprite promotion has people listening a little more closely. Does that free fizz hold an answer to life’s most pressing questions?

On the first day of summer, McDonald’s offered a free Sprite with any $1 purchase via the McDonald’s app. While everyone appreciates a free food and/or beverage offer, the idea is more than enticing people to head to the local restaurant. In some ways, it sparks a conversation about truly listening to that food on the table.

Check out this video from McDonald’s.

Over the years, many people have commented that McDonald’s beverages just taste different. Whether it is the high volume that leads to a fresher beverage or something else, many people believe that McDonald’s beverages are more refreshing.

Thinking about this “sound” component, maybe it is a carbonation concept that leads to the better refreshment. After all, the amount of carbonation does impact the flavor of a beverage.

Although this Sprite promotion is a fun way to kick off the first day of summer, there might be more to the idea that meets the eye. Recently, other beverage brands have touted how they just pair better with food. Could McDonald’s be proposing that Sprite is the preferred drink for those World Famous Fries or that Quarter Pounder?

Even though there have been numerous celebrity meals, new menu offerings and other promotions, beverages may not have been forefront in the conversation. This special Sprite promotion might be a glimpse into the future.

And, given that Sprite is launching a new look, it could be a way for everyone to rediscover that lemon lime soda. When was the last time that you grabbed a Sprite on a hot day?

For now, that Sprite might sound like the fuzzy fizz, perfect pitch or just static sounds. No matter what the glass projects, the beverage inside is refreshing on a hot day.