Burger King brings the bold flavors with the Southwest Bacon Whopper

New Southwest Bacon Whopper, photo provided by Burger King
New Southwest Bacon Whopper, photo provided by Burger King /

While everyone can always get a burger their way at Burger King, the new Southwest Bacon Whopper brings bold flavors to the restaurant table. Whether guests want a big bite or prefer the Impossible twist, this new menu item will have many people running to the restaurant.

The new Southwest Bacon Whopper will be available as a junior, traditional Whopper, Double version and Impossible option. Each version features “an avocado spread, seasoned tortilla strips, crispy bacon and a creamy spicy sauce.” In addition, the Whopper includes American cheese, lettuce, sliced onions, tomatoes and is served on a toasted sesame seed bun.

Looking at the Whopper description, the key to this menu item is the contrasting textures. The touch of crunch from the seasoned tortilla chips will make each bite burst with excitement. As many people have come to appreciate, a chip on a burger brings the deliciousness.

In addition, the creamy spicy sauce is intriguing. Although the flavor is not fully described, it should bring a touch of heat but not overpower all the other ingredients. It should add a layer of flavor and hopefully meld all the other ingredients into a seamless bite.

It is interesting that the Southwest Bacon Whopper doesn’t have jalapenos or other roasted pepper element. A few diced jalapenos could have lifted this menu item to another level.

The Southwest Bacon Whopper is available nationwide. It will be added to menus starting June 27.

What other menu Burger King item joins the Southwest Bacon Whopper?

Burger King fans have two reasons to celebrate. Joining the Southwest Bacon Whopper is the new Impossible King. Now guests have another plant-based option on the menu. Nestled between a toasted sesame seed bun, the Impossible burger is paired with sliced white onions, crunchy pickles, ketchup and mustard. The classic deserves this plant-based option.

The Impossible King joins the 2 for $6 Mix n’ Match promotion. Given that many consumers are looking to maximize every dollar spent. With options like the Quarter Pound King, Big King, Original Chicken Sandwich and Big Fish, guest have plenty of options to enjoy and never get bored.

Which new Burger King menu offering excites you? What other new food offerings would you like to see added to the Burger King menu?