Mount Gay Summer Taste Essential Kit has Richard Blais shaking up a new cocktail

Mount Gay Summer Taste Essentials Kit with cocktails by Richard Blais, photo provided by Mount Gay
Mount Gay Summer Taste Essentials Kit with cocktails by Richard Blais, photo provided by Mount Gay /

While rum might bring thoughts of vivacious beach getaways and cocktails with little umbrellas, the Mount Gay Summer Taste Essentials Kit takes the rum out of the hurricane glass and pours a sophisticated sip into a crystal coup. After a few sips of the elegant, aged rum, cocktail enthusiasts will be toasting to maturing drinking in the most flavorful way.

As one of the oldest rums, Mount Gay Rum takes pride in its Barbados heritage. From appreciating the connection to the sea to its depth of flavor, the craft can be tasted in every bottle.

While there are many offerings under the Mount Gay label, the aged rums develop their flavor through the maturation process. Using Bourbon, Cognac and other casks, the nuanced flavor has led many whiskey drinkers to be intrigued by the Caribbean based spirit.

This summer, Mount Gay Rum partnered with celebrated chef Richard Blais on a Summer Taste Essentials Kit. Available via Cocktail Courier, the offering invites drinkers to open the bar to a new experience. It is time to prepare the cocktail shaker for a new way to appreciate a rum cocktail.

Included in the Mount Gay Summer Taste Essentials Kit is the Mount Gay Black Barrel. Described “robust and bold” by Trudiann Branker, Master Blender at Mount Gay. “Black Barrel is beautiful on its own and incredible in craft cocktails, showcasing its rich and full-bodied notes.”

Looking at the items in the Cocktail Courier kit, the idea is to create a riff on an Old Fashioned. The Black Barrel Good Old Pine features a variety of spices to take that pineapple infused cocktail to another wave of flavor.

Although Chef Blais might be able to create that smoke bubble or create a molecular reaction during his cocktail hour, the at-home mixologist doesn’t have to think too far into the beaker for a creative beverage experience. While all the ingredients are included, the reality is just changing a few spices can showcase the various flavors of the aged rum. From bringing out the toasted vanilla to focusing on the orange zest, each pour can be a discovery of flavor.

Even more so, the food pairings with this cocktail and rum are a flavor journey. From a plate of sticky ribs to a simple grilled fish, the bottle will be finished before all the possibilities are explored.

Isn’t it time to grab a glass, some ice and a little taste of adventure? The special offering is available through July 15 via Cocktail Courier.

Heat up the summer with the Mount Gay Summer Taste Essentials Kit. It is a flavorful escape that will bring you back for another wave of island inspired deliciousness.