America’s favorite picnic dish might not surprise you

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From the backyard to neighborhood celebrations to even a romantic interlude, the summer picnic has become a tradition. While there might be fireworks displayed across the night sky, the day spent lounging in the sun with a delicious spread of food is a delightful escape from the mundane. But, the perfect picnic is not complete without a full picnic basket and that basket better have America’s favorite picnic dish.

Recently, Libby’s conducted a survey to unpack all the tasty picnic details. While some people might make a production out of the experience, many people prefer the simple life. It might not be an image from the old Yogi Bear cartoons, but that picnic basket doesn’t have to travel too far from home.

While the survey found that 63% of people prefer to picnic in their own backyard, the reality is that people want to keep it simple. From making a favorite recipe to keeping the food prep to a minimum, it seems that the picnic is a balance between enjoying the moment with others and food that everyone wants to eat.

What is America’s favorite picnic dish?

According to the Libby’s survey, the “hands-down” favorite picnic dish is potato salad. The survey found the following results.

  1. Potato salad
  2. Sub sandwiches
  3. Deviled Eggs
  4. Pasta salad
  5. Fruit Salad

Looking at those options, the choices go back to the simple, easy food and recipe ideas. Whether it is a classic side or an easy to eat sub sandwich, there is something to be said about convenience.

While everyone loves potato salad, it raises a question, what is a great potato salad recipe? Although grandma probably has a recipe that has stood the test of time, some cooks might want to venture beyond the family tradition.

With potato salad, there are many options. Of course, there is a mayonnaise based with a splash of pickle juice or even a potato and egg salad. Many people prefer a hearty German potato salad.

Libby’s has a French Style Potato Salad with green beans and olives. That somewhat lighter version would be quite delightful on a hot summer day.

Whether it is a holiday, weekend escape or just a reason to get out of the house, make sure that the favorite picnic dish is part of that food plan. Potato salad might not necessarily be just an all-American food, but it is a popular choice that everyone wants to enjoy.