The most important part of a delicious grilled feast is the PreBQ

Nick Lachey for McCormick PreBBQ, photo provided by McCormick
Nick Lachey for McCormick PreBBQ, photo provided by McCormick /

While many cooks have come to appreciate that grilling is the only cooking method that imparts flavor into food, that kiss of the flame is only part of the delicious grilled feast. Grilling is more than just the act of cooking. The preparation, intention and conversation are the added seasoning to a delicious grilled feast. Ready to learn the fine art of the PreBQ?

From professional chefs to the humble home cook, one aspect of cooking is essential to every recipe. From proteins to vegetables, everything has to be seasoned. Although people can agree to disagree on spice levels or even the amount of salt, the truth is that unseasoned food is bland. And, no one wants bland food.

Even though grilling can bring the flavor to the food, the reality is that seasoning is more than the spice of life. It is the key ingredient to that delicious grilled feast. The PreBQ sets the stage. While it might not be part of the big show with friends and family around the flame, it needs to be part of the conversation.

As Alia Kemet, Senior Vice President, Global Creative & Digital Transformation, McCormick, said, “The most important parts of grilling are what guests rarely see; prepping the dry rub and seasoning everything just right, inviting friends to help setup and streaming your favorite playlist. Grill prep is built around trust, traditions, and love of food.” In some ways, the path from prep to plate ensures the oohs and ahhs as the first bite is savored.

Recently, McCormick partnered with Nick Lachey and other influencers to share how they PreBQ. While every ritual is different, the reality is that the prep gets the flavor ball rolling.

Nick Lachey PreBQ recipe for a Hawaiian Burger
Nick Lachey for McCormick PreBQ, photo provided by McCormick /

For Lachey, his grilling rituals include some great tunes, a frosty beverage and enjoyable day with family and friends. It might not be the hardest thing, but it really is his everything.

To give everyone a little grilling inspiration, Lachey shared a recipe that will have everyone talking this summer. His “Hawaiian Burger with Grilled Pineapple” is a taste of the tropics but doesn’t stray too far from the traditional burger concept.

The ground pork burger gets a flavor boost from the McCormick Grill Mates Sweet & Smoky Rub. Mixed into the patty as well as sprinkled on top, that combination of flavor makes everyone take notice.

Also, remember to not over work the ingredients. Too much handling can cause the meat to lose tenderness.

Lastly, a little finishing salt can be the chef’s kiss on this burger. Even though the Grill Mate Sweet & Smoky Rub is the primary flavor, the touch of salt at the end can highlight the flavors even more.

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Even before the flame is lit on the backyard barbecue make a point to PreBQ. Creating a flavorful bite is a grilling journey from start to finish.