Will adding an ice cream scent enhance the eating experience?

Salt and Straw perfume, photo provided by Salt and Straw
Salt and Straw perfume, photo provided by Salt and Straw /

When people describe the perfect bite of food, it is more than one dimensional. Although the old saying of eating with the eyes can be overused, the reality is that the five senses are essential to food enjoyment. Whose stomach hasn’t grumbled when that tempting aroma wafts from the oven. Have you ever noticed that there is no ice cream scent? Isn’t it time to rectify that situation?

Temperature can change how a food tastes. At lower temperatures, flavors can be less pronounced. There is a reason why that strawberry in the frozen smoothie might not be as juicy as the strawberry in the bowl.

Salt & Straw noticed that its creative ice cream flavors might be missing an extra component to the enjoyment level. It isn’t that every spoonful isn’t luscious and full of flavor. But, there isn’t that aroma which could pull people away from whatever they are doing and have them running to pick up a spoon. Now, the ice cream brand has a creative scent-solution.

The new Salt & Straw Culinary Perfume will be available starting on July 17, which happens to be National Ice Cream Day. Available in three scents, the concept is like adding a whiff of deliciousness to ever spoonful. Both an edible and wearable perfume, the scents could change the future of food.

The three scents are A Cloud of Cocoa, A Plume of Blooms and A Swoon of Citrus. While the names convey a glimpse of the olfactory genius, the perfumes are more than just a spritz on the side. It could be an element of molecular gastronomy that more people need to explore.

Who hasn’t seen mesmerizing food that looks like one thing only to be an entirely different food? Could the scent confusion bring another creative level to the dining experience? What if that Cloud of Cocoa gave way to an underlying spicy hot honey flavor? Many people enjoy a spicy and sweet combination.

Overall, this Salt & Straw culinary perfume and ice cream scent might have people talking because it is a creative promotion. More importantly, there might be some food intrigue wafting in the air.

For anyone who wants to add a spritz of ice cream scent to their life can join the Salt & Straw waitlist online. The culinary perfume will be available July 17 both online and in store. A single 65 ml Bottle will sell for $65 and a set of three 10 ml bottles will be $48.