5 Condiment trends that have everyone dipping all summer long

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For many people, the table is not complete without a plethora of condiments. While there is always a place for ketchup, mustard or even barbecue sauce, the reality is that many people are looking to boost those traditional flavors. Ready to give that dipping a boost with these five condiment trends?

Food trends take many forms. While the beginning of a year comes with many predictions, the reality is that actual purchases show what people are really eating. Even though food costs can impact the amount of items in the cart, some people are willing to splurge on an item or two when it delivers that big flavor.

Recently, Whole Foods revealed its condiment trends for the summer. From the backyard barbecue to the weeknight dinner, sometimes that little extra dollop can elevate a dish even more. Even just a little change to a classic flavor can make for even more enjoyment.

As reported by Whole Foods, Mintel is showing that condiment sales are showing “growth of more than 5% since 2020.” Whether it is bringing in a global element or embracing a plant-based twist, there are plenty of ways to see those condiments in a whole new light.

According to Rachel Bukowski, senior team leader of R&D for Exclusive Brands at Whole Foods Market, “Customers are not afraid to experiment with condiments to level up familiar comfort foods or recreate a favorite restaurant dish.” But it is more than just elevating the dining experience. From particular lifestyle eating choices to exploring globally inspired options, the condiment aisle is becoming more robust.

What are the five condiment trends reported by Whole Foods?

Barbecue sauce goes global

From Japan to Tel Aviv, barbecue can be found across ever country. While the names might be different, bringing flavor to the meat is universal. Whether it is a Sweet & Spicy Korean Gochujang Chili Sauce or an Omsom Japanese Yuzu Miso Glaze, it is time to travel the globe with flavor.

Chillin’ with the chilis

Putting aside the worries over sriracha, that condiment isn’t the only way to bring some spice to life. From Mexican chilis to cayenne, there are plenty of ways to feel the heat. Whether it is a boost to an appetizer or a layer to a dessert, bringing a little color to your cheeks thanks to spice is a good thing. Be sure to check out Momofuku Chili Crunch or Sir Kensington’s Chili Lime Crema Everything Sauce.

Ketchup and Muster remastered

While these two options might be the classic condiments, it is time to give them a makeover. Ketchup can get a little savory with some saffron. Or, that mustard gets an old school upgrade. Why not try some True Made Foods Veggie Ketchup or Bavarian-Style Mustard. No matter the choice, it is far from the choices that were part of the school lunch options.

Embracing the fermentation

While people look to add some extra nutrients to their dishes, fermented foods have become a more popular choice. Sometimes a little pungent, these options can change the course of a meal. Even adding a little kimchi to a mayonnaise, like Lucky Foods Seoul Kimchi Mayo, can change the whole outlook of a dish.

Robust Ranch

Just like ketchup and mustard are getting an upgrade, so is ranch. Whether it gets the kids to eat more veggies or makes those chicken wings even tastier, there are plenty of options. Why not open a bottle of Tessemae’s Organic Habanero Ranch and enjoy the possibilities.

Which condiment trends have you embraced? What other food trends have made a difference in your kitchen?