New Carvel Brookie is a sweet twist on two classic flavors

New Carvel Brookie, photo provided by Carvel
New Carvel Brookie, photo provided by Carvel /

While there will always be a place for those Crunchies, the new Carvel Brookie flavor has many people screaming for more. By bringing together two classic flavors in a single bite, there are plenty of reasons to enjoy some ice cream any day of the week.

Sometimes the hardest question to answer isn’t having or passing on dessert. Rather, it is picking a dessert. When both the cookie and the brownie look so appetizing, why can’t a person have both. Luckily, there is that answer, the brookie.

The combination of both the chocolate chip cookie and brownie has delighted dessert lovers. Possibly the best of both worlds, the only thing missing was a scoop of ice cream on top. Now, Carvel has come up with an even sweeter solution.

The new Carvel Brookie is the sensational, sweet swirl of fudgy brownie batter and chocolate chip cookie dough. For anyone looking to bring those smiles to summertime fun, Carvel is waiting to serve up a sweet combo.

As Jessica Osborne, Vice President of Marketing, Carvel said, “Summer is a time for making fond memories, and the sweet taste of ice cream is often part of those memorable moments. With literal new twists on flavors that remind them of childhood, our fans can reminisce on those moments while creating new summer traditions and CARVELebrating special occasions.”

Carvel Brookie Flying Saucer
New Carvel Brookie, photo provided by Carvel /

How can you enjoy the new Carvel Brookie flavor?

From the iconic soft serve to scooped ice cream, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the new Carvel Brookie flavor. For example, the Brookie is just as simple as swirling the brownie batter with the chocolate chip cookie dough. It is a match made in heaven.

The scooped version offers a more decadent spoonful. The two ice cream flavors are paired with brownie bites, cookie dough pieces and chocolate chips. This option definitely piles on the sweetness.

Of course, iconic Carvel offerings get a Brookie upgrade. The Brookie Dasher layers that Brookie soft serve with caramel, brownie bites, chocolate chip cookie dough pieces and hot fudge. With a serving of whipped cream and a sprinkling more chocolate chips, it should satisfy anyone’s craving.

Whether guests enjoy a soft serve version, a scoop or an overindulgent Dasher, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the new Carvel Brookie flavor. Be sure to get a spoonful before this special flavor disappears. Just like summer fun, the limited-edition flavor will be gone before you know it.