Pineapple summer: Terrific tropical flavors to savor all season long

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While often a symbol of hospitality, the tropical flavors of pineapple seem to make summer seem even more sensational. Although the fruit can be enjoyed all year long, that taste of the tropics conjures a little getaway on the plate during the summer. There might not be sand on the ground, but the flavors can feel like a refreshing breeze on the plate. Ready to dig into some deliciousness?

It seems that everywhere people turn, it is a pineapple summer. When Starbucks released its newest Refreshers flavor, many people were running to grab that sip of sunshine in a cup. Even though the flavor is familiar, people wanted that sweet, bright taste.

From the pieces of fruit in the cup to the promise of a little diversion, the new beverage offered a moment of escape. It might be fleeting but it is a break that almost anyone can appreciate.

While the Starbucks Refreshers offering might have been well received, pineapple on pizza can be more controversial. Although some people will never subscribe to this fruit on a pizza, others are willing to dive into a sweet and salty flavor combination.

To entice people to try that slice, MOD Pizza offered the free fruit topping in honor of National Pineapple Day. In addition, it offered its Hawaiian pizza for just $7 through June 30.

In addition, there are plenty of pineapple recipes that are summertime perfection. From a simple skewer to using the fruit as a serving dish, it lends itself to some culinary creativity. Even if it takes a few tries to prep that fruit correctly, the flavor is worth the effort.

Sometimes that tropical fruit is used as a sweet way to get people to drink some other healthy ingredients. For example, Natalie’s offers a Pineapple Kale Zinc Juice. The antioxidant rich juice with spinach, kale and celery gets a flavor boost from the tropical fruit addition. Sometimes the easiest decisions are the ones that taste great.

And, the healthy beverages aren’t the only options. Ohza, the original canned mimosa company, recently released a pineapple mimosa flavor. Instead of having to core, chop and juice your way to the perfect brunch offering, Ohza makes it easy. Simply pop open a can and enjoy. The simple life isn’t limited to that island getaway.

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What are your favorite pineapple beverages, recipes or other food ideas? Does that flavor bring tropical inspiration or a taste of hospitality to your table?