Disney Wish transforms immersive dining to magical experience

The new Disney Cruise ship, the Disney Wish, arrived at Port Canaveral before dawn Monday morning. The ship is 1,119 feet long and has a capacity of 4000 passengers.Disney Wish
The new Disney Cruise ship, the Disney Wish, arrived at Port Canaveral before dawn Monday morning. The ship is 1,119 feet long and has a capacity of 4000 passengers.Disney Wish /

While the horn might play “When You Wish Upon a Star,” Disney Wish casts a magical spell that invites guests to an immersive dining experience. Although Disney food is often the pinnacle of deliciousness, these restaurants add a level of pageantry to each bite. Even though the plate captivates, the added spectacle leads to magical memories that linger far after the table is cleared.

Stepping onto a Disney Cruise is more than just a themed travel adventure. Granted, guests expect the character interactions, impeccable service and the high standards of a Disney experience. But, like many offerings from the iconic company, it is about stepping outside of the regular world and into the Magical World of Disney.

Given that cruise ship food is integral to the overall travel experience, Disney appreciates that its dining needs to balance both the quick bite and the over-the-top extravagance. By focusing on immersive dining, guests will appreciate the attention to detail at every turn.

When Disney launched the Dream many years ago, guests marveled at the idea of interacting with Crush while enjoying that family dinner. Who doesn’t remember that January 2011 unveiling that changed families’ approach to cruise ship travel. Even my own kids’ eyes widened when their favorite turtle knew their dad’s name and asked what was being served for dinner.

After those many years, guests want more. With these Disney Wish dining experiences, it is stepping into the worlds that fans have watched on the screen over and over again. It might not come with snow falling outside the window, but it is a taste of that world that people have been craving.

What are the must try immersive dining experiences on the Disney Wish?

The Disney Wish offers three signature immersive dining experiences. They are Arendelle: A Frozen Dining Adventure, Worlds of Marvel and 1923. Even for the dad who might have hoped to let go of that song long ago will want a seat at each of these tables.

The Arendelle: A Frozen Dining Adventure is a version of theatrical dining. Although the Nordic cuisine might not push diners too far into traditional fare, it is more than just a trip to Norway in Epcot. Still, it is an opportunity for guests to experience some bolder flavors in a family-centric setting.

The theme is Anna’s and Kristoff’s engagement party. With all the favorite Frozen characters in attendance, there will be plenty of music, laughter and a grand finale.

For the MCU crowd, the Worlds of Marvel is the “first-ever Marvel cinematic dining adventure.” Although many people have enjoyed a taste of the Marvel flavors at the Avengers Campus, this immersive dining experience embraces the big and small aspects of the superhero world.

A riff on the dinner and show concept, guests are part of the action. Those Pym particles have influenced the food on the plate. As the flavors take a journey across the globe with African inspired Wakanda offers to even some Eastern European Sokovia tastes, the global adventure will have guests’ tastebuds soaring.

But, the food on the plate isn’t the only feast. Diners need to keep their eyes peeled for a bounty of Easter eggs. As any good fan appreciates, those tasty tidbits are a favorite for Marvel fans.

Lastly, 1923 blends a touch of old school Hollywood glamour with a little Disney whimsy. Focusing on California cuisine, the elegant dining experience is a journey up and down the coast. From farm fresh elements to Napa wines, it is a lovely homage to the West Coast.

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The Disney Wish will set sail on its maiden voyage, July 14, 2022. It’s home port is Port Canaveral, Florida and will offer three and four night cruises with stops in Nassau, Bahamas as well as Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island.