Coca-Cola and Marshmello collaborate on this first ever beverage drop

Coca-Cola and Marshmello beverage, photo provided by Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola and Marshmello beverage, photo provided by Coca-Cola /

While a hypnotic beat can get people moving, that groove can create a thirst which needs to be quenched. Part of the Coca-Cola Creations line, Marshmello Coca-Cola limited edition beverage is shaking up a new flavor with an unmistakable vibe. Ready to rise to the top of the charts and quench that thirst?

Over the past several months, the Coca-Cola Creations line has showcased the creativity waiting to be discovered within a bottle. Whether it was looking to Starlight as a nod to unlimited exploration to stepping into the gaming world to take a Byte out of the pixelated world, Coca-Cola is showing that beverages and pop culture are forever linked.

For the next beverage offering, there is another first waiting to be sipped. The Coca-Cola and Marshmello collaboration is the first ever beverage co-created with an artist. This limited-edition drop will have many people grooving to a whole new refreshing experience.

As Marshmello said, “It was great to collaborate with Coca-Cola on tis limited-edition drop. We created a vibey blend of my favorite flavors in this all-new mix. I think it tastes amazing and I hope fans love it too.”

Given that food and culture are always intertwined, this latest offering builds on the shared experiences across communities. Music is often a conversation starter. Regardless of being able to sing every word or dancing on the beat, there is something about music that sparks a conversation. Just like food on the table can be the great connector, music is can be that bridge, too.

As Oana Vlad, Senior Director, Global Strategy, The Coca-Cola Company said, “For our third Coca-Cola Creations drop, we sought to add an unexpected remix of flavors to a great Coca-Cola taste, and Marshmello is the perfect collaborator. It’s an exciting step for our brand to introduce Marshmello’s Limited Edition Coca-Cola and invite fans to immerse themselves in Mello’s world.”

What does the Marshmello Coca-Cola limited edition beverage flavor taste like?

Although the obvious flavor concept would be a sweet marshmallow confection, the newest Coca-Cola Creations flavor takes a different approach. Given that the new beverage is launching in summer, it is a fruit forward offering.

Since this new beverage is a collaboration with Marshmello, his favorite favors are part of the mix. The new Marshmello Limited Edition Coca-Cola flavor blends strawberry and watermelon with the iconic Coca-Cola taste.

Looking at this flavor combination, it is interesting that another fruit-influenced flavor is part of the Cola-Cola Creations line. The Starlight flavor had a raspberry sweetness. This combination of strawberry and watermelon should be sweet but also a classic choice for summer beverages.

To kick off the launch, Marshmello will be on Twitch July 9. The special event combine a special adventure with an opportunity to get exclusive access to metamerch from Zepeto.

The new Marshmello Coca-Cola limited edition beverage will be available starting July 11. The 12-ounce cans will be available in both the original version and a Zero Sugar option.

Ready to step into a musical vibe that can spark a creative experience? What could be next from the Coca-Cola Creations line?