Camp McDonald’s offers 27 days of tasty summer fun

(Photo by Yu Chun Christopher Wong/S3studio/Getty Images)
(Photo by Yu Chun Christopher Wong/S3studio/Getty Images) /

Summer and camp have been a perfect pair for many people. While kids hoped for Camp Mohawk experience versus a Camp Crystal Lake memory, the reality is that summer fun is often intertwined with camp. At Camp McDonald’s, the tasty summer fun is on the calendar all month long. Ready to check off each day in July?

Whether it is ditching work a little early on a Friday or cheering when that last school bell rings, summer and fun go hand in hand. Although everyone wants to soak up every minute of that frivolity, there needs to be plenty of food to fuel the fun. From a little indulgent treat to a favorite food, the plate needs to be overflowing.

For some people who went to summer camp, the fun was being able to explore a little. Even if all the clothes seemed to be continually damp and a roommate might snore, the new adventure was exciting. Who didn’t try a new food or decide to create a mash-up that came straight from your imagination?

Part of the Camp McDonald’s experience celebrates some delicious food hacks that might be the tastiest part of the summer fun. While some quick service restaurants are known for a salty and sweet dessert combination, McDonald’s is bringing a classic dessert to the table. Ready for the McFlurry a la mode?

One of the McDonald’s menu hacks is bringing together the McFlurry and the McDonald’s Apple Pie. While this idea will be celebrated on July 6, it isn’t limited to just one day. Why not serve this dessert idea all month long?

Continuing the McDonald’s menu hacks, July 20 celebrates the McFlurry frozen sandwich. Putting the McFlurry in between two cookies is the handheld dessert that everyone will want to try.

While the McDonald’s menu hacks will get a lot of attention, Camp McDonald’s is about embracing the carefree summer fun. From food savings to big concerts, there are plenty of activities to avoid that dreaded “boredom” adjective. Maybe a $2 Big Mac can spark some excitement when you tell your own camp story, again.

For more information on Camp McDonald’s, check the McDonald’s app. Each day will have something new. Let the countdown to summer fun begin.