Bring the flavor and color with red, white and blue burgers

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Summer grilling is in full swing. While many people have the PreBQ, preferred recipes and other go-to food choices, adding a little extra flavor and color to the table can bring cheers all around. How about some of these red, white and blue burgers the next time you light the flame?

Cheese and burgers are often a popular pairing. While many people like to pile the condiments on the burger, the reality is that cheese can bring all the flavors together. There is something satisfying about that cheesy goodness.

Although choices like cheddar, Swiss and the classic American often have prime space in the cheese drawer, blue cheese can add an extra tanginess to the bite. Although some people have not embraced the pungent qualities of a blue cheese, red, white and blue burgers might have a few people rethinking that flavor combination.

Sometimes learning to appreciate blue cheese can change how people think about the flavor. While there is a Wisconsin cheddar blue that it a delicious gateway cheese to the funkier wedge, there are plenty of ways to balance that bolder flavor.

Castello Burger Blue Cheese Slices can be the easy way to enjoy that colorful, flavorful cheese. Although crumbles are a common choice, these slices are perfect for summer grilling.

To inspire some new grilling recipe, Castello has suggested a few recipes that could have everyone feeling gleeful about these blue burger recipes. From simple to elevated, there is an option for every comfort level.

For a great starting point, consider the Mushroom Burger with Blue Cheese. While Swiss and mushrooms are usually a pair, the combination of the richness of the blue with the earthiness of the mushrooms is quite appealing.

If an elevated recipe is desired, consider Sliders with Blue Cheese and Red Onion-Strawberry Relish. While the smaller sized burgers could entice people to take that first taste, it is the bold flavor combination that will have people asking for second.

First, the burger brings a touch of heat with the spices. Then, the blue cheese contrasts the bold flavors. With a touch of arugula for some peppery notes and a little sweetness with the aioli, this delightfully balanced bite will surprise even the most traditional burger lover.

What do you think of red, white and blue burger this summer? Do you think it is time to switch up some recipes for the summer grilling season?