5 French fries sauces that will have you skipping ketchup

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For many people, French fries sauces are almost as important as the perfectly golden fried potatoes. While ketchup is many people’s preferred condiment, could there be a new squeeze on the table. According to Google Trends, a few other sauces are surging in popularity.

Whether it is National French Fry Day, a side to that juicy hamburger or an anytime snack, many people cannot get enough of those French fries. Although there can be a time and place for a plain potato, dipping it into a sauce brings ultimate satisfaction.

Traditionalists might look to ketchup as the primary condiment. Wendy’s fans will always appreciate the sweet and salty combination of Hot & Crispy fries with a Frosty. But, what other French fries sauces can be a dip above the rest?

What are the most searched French fries sauces?

While those French fries might be totally craveable, the sauces paired with them can be a little out of the box. According to Google Trends, the most searched French fries sauces are:

1. Cheese sauce

2. Tartar sauce

3. Tzatziki

4. Hollandaise sauce

5. Teriyaki

Cheese sauce seems like a tasty choice. Who doesn’t love a great cheese fries? The combination salty, crunchy fries with luscious cheese is a perfect bite. Whether or not people add additional toppings, like bacon, chives or something else is up to them. Still, cheese reigns supreme.

The other sauces are a little more curious. Hollandaise sauce sounds like a brunch dish. Maybe someone is swapping French fries for hashbrowns in that skillet dish. Similar to cheese, the hollandaise sauce sounds like a tasty combination.

The tartar sauce sounds like a fish and chips combination. Although malt vinegar might be some people’s preference, the tangy tartar sauce doesn’t have to be used just on the fish. Maybe it is time to get dipping.

But, the curious option is tzatziki. The cucumber, Greek yogurt and herbs is not necessarily the first sauce option that comes to mind with French fries. Maybe someone has stumbled on a food combination that is worth a second or third bite.

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What do you think of these French fries sauces? Do you have sauce that you love which others may not have tried?