Drumstick offers fans a huge ice cream reward for their permanent devotion

Drumstick free ice cream promotion, photo provided by Drumstick
Drumstick free ice cream promotion, photo provided by Drumstick /

For many people, there is nothing more simply delicious than a scoop of ice cream on a cone. For many decades, Drumstick has captured that flavor in the best way. Now, fans who are willing to put that love of the delicious ice cream cone on display could enjoy that sweet treat for a long, long time.

Over the years, Drumstick has had both new ways of enjoying that ice cream treat and the classic cone. Whether people enjoy a tiny treat, like the minis, or the big King Cone, a few things always remain the same. The treat within a treat.

As true fans know, the inch of chocolate at the bottom of the cone is the treasured treat of eating this frozen dessert. Even if that creamy ice cream makes people melt and the chopped peanuts add that layer of texture, it is that chocolate bite to end the enjoyment which everyone loves. Sharing that bite with another is a sign that they are truly special.

While there are many reasons to love Drumstick, the brand is looking for real fans who never want to be apart from their favorite frozen dessert. Although an ode to the drum might be lyrical or a song might be the melody to melt for, the opportunity for a year’s worth of treats takes a little more than just those simple expressions.

According to the brand, there is a new giveaway that could give five lucky ice cream fans a tasty reward. Drawing some inspiration from the brand’s Dr. Umstick, it might be a little more prickly than a brain freeze.

Now through July 31, anyone who shows their Drumstick tattoo could win a one-year supply of Drumstick. To enter, share the photo on Instagram or twitter with #DrumstickInk and tag the brand.

To be clear, the tattoo does not have to be permanent. It can be real, temporary or however you please. But, it does need to be clear that it is the beloved ice cream on a cone.

While other brands might leave the act of devotion to your choice, this idea gets to the point. Are you willing to make your mark to get some free ice cream?

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What is the most unusual thing that you’ve done to get free food? Are you willing to go to extremes for a free food promotion?