Klondike asks what you would do for its epic 100th birthday

Klondike 100th birthday cake, photo provided by Klondike
Klondike 100th birthday cake, photo provided by Klondike /

While a Klondike ice cream treat always delights, a Buddy Valastro birthday cake can make food wishes come true. The Cake Boss has partnered with the iconic ice cream brand to celebrate its 100th birthday. How would you answer the question, what would you do for this ultimate Klondike celebration?

When William Isaly crated the first Klondike bar in 1922, no one would have thought that 10 cent treat would lay the groundwork for one of the most iconic food questions. Although some people have made outrageous claims about what they would do for a Klondike bar, the reality is that the simple frozen treat is an integral part of food history. From silly moments to cherished memories, unwrapping that silver wrapped square frozen dessert delivers deliciousness every time.

Although the infamous Klondike jingle debuted in 1982, the answers that people give have gone from the simple to the extreme. With about 380 million Klondike bars sold annually, there is no shortage of reasons to enjoy another one.

As part of the 100th Birthday celebration, Klondike partnered with Buddy Valastro, aka The Cake Boss, to create an outrageous birthday cake for the occasion. This larger than life cake had a few fans speechless. Maybe they just need a moment to ponder the sweetest answer to that iconic question.

To inspire a little culinary creativity, why not look back at some of the brand’s history. For example, the Polarmatic invention should be thanked for that cut of ice cream smothered in chocolate. Maybe someone could make a machine that transforms all those wrappers into an upcycled product.

Or, what about finding a way to incorporate old and new into that answer. While the brand now offers Shakes, Cones, Sandwiches and even the Choco Taco, what about the ultimate sundae which incorporates some old school flavors or maybe a surprise inside.

Since it is 100 years, try to think outside of the box when answering this question. The tattoo has been done, the TikTok dance is over, what can be the next big thing. Hopefully someone will be able to discover the ultimate answer and impress everyone.