An easy way to bring taste of Cape Cod to the home table

Cod'r Craft Cocktails, canned cocktails, photo provided by Cod'r Craft Cocktails
Cod'r Craft Cocktails, canned cocktails, photo provided by Cod'r Craft Cocktails /

While many people would be happy to sit by the water and enjoy the bounty from the sea, there are other ways to bring a taste of Cape Cod home. From cracking open the perfect canned cocktail to a bounty of seafood deliciousness, there are plenty of foodie finds to enjoy.

Even for people who are landlocked, there can be a way to bring a cool breeze off the water to the backyard. It might be part mental, but the flavors of the area can set the scene. From cocktails to food, there are a few ways to bring a taste of Cape Cod to the home table.

Although many people think of Maine seafood as the East Coast feast, Cape Cod has a seafood bounty, too. While a bowl of clam chowder might be more inviting on a blistery, chilly day, there are many other options to enjoy.

For example, lobster is great on the Cape. Beyond the idea of that lobster wedding cake, a simple lobster roll delights everyone. Plus, Blue Apron brought a taste of that seasonal, summer favorite to everyone’s table. With everything packed into that box, it was the perfect seaside bite.

Another tasty treat is oysters. Although some people might have preferred locales or rules about months, the reality is that oyster are part of the Cape experience. Those briny bivalves are always a seaside delight.

And, who hasn’t enjoyed a bag of Cape Cod Chips. What grew from a local storefront has become many people’s favorite crunchy chips. Whether it is the classic chip that is delightful with a lobster roll to the wavy variety that stands up to the dip, there is always room for Cape Cod Chips.

While all the food is a bounty of deliciousness, the experience is not complete without a beverage. Of course, many people could grab a crisp lager or a Summer Ale, but why not sip on a cocktail that specifically references the area.

The Cape Cod or the Cape Codder is a simple cocktail that usually consists of cranberry juice and vodka. While some drinkers like a squeeze of lime or a lime wedge, the combination of the sweet, tart cranberry and smooth vodka can be quite refreshing.

Cod'r Craft Cocktails
Canned cocktails from Cod’r Craft Cocktails, photo provided by Cod’r Craft Cocktails /

For people who want to bring that taste of Cape Cod wherever they roam, there is the perfect canned cocktail that offers those authentic flavors of the area. Cod’r Craft Cocktails brings those beachside memories directly to your hand.

Seeking to capture those favorite memories by the shore, the team from Cod’r Craft Cocktails found a way to can it, literally. Enjoying one of their beverages brings that feeling of the waves rolling onto the beach. Pure simplicity blended with delightful refreshment is the perfect reason to open another can.

With the name Cod’r Craft Cocktails, a Cape Cod cocktail is its signature. This version adds a touch of mint which brightens the beverage. Although not overpowering, it is the little extra that makes the sip sensational.

In addition to the Cape Cod cocktail, the brand offers three other cocktails, Bae Breeze, Perfect Storm, and Ocean Break. While the names can give a hint to the cocktail reference, these sippers have a little twist inside every can.

For example, the Ocean Break with the white rum, blueberries and touch of lemon is summertime in a glass. The juiciness from the blueberries and the zesty lemon is delightful with a dinner of fried clams or even that lobster roll. Even the beer drinker will be happy to make this beverage swap.

The Cod’r Craft Cocktails are carbonated and have a 4.5% ABV. Each can is 100 calories or less. More information and availability can be found online.

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How do you bring a taste of other locales to your table? Do food and beverages help bring those flavors home?