HEINZ 57 Collection gives home cooks a taste of chef-inspired flavors

HEINZ Launching New Chef-Inspired Collection, photo provided by Heinz
HEINZ Launching New Chef-Inspired Collection, photo provided by Heinz /

It is time to heat up the stove, turn on the oven and light the grill. While grandma’s recipes bring a taste of classic comfort food, some home cooks are looking to bring bolder flavors to the table. With the new HEINZ 57 Collection, embracing those flavorful culinary trends is at the home cook’s fingertips.

Whether it is a favorite food television show, celebrity chef creation or TikTok hack, many foodies are looking to elevate their next meal. While many home cooks prefer easy, it doesn’t mean that the food should be bland. Luckily, there is a way to bring both the convenience and the creativity to the plate.

Although the spice shelf is robust and the international aisle might be bountiful, many home cooks prefer a guiding hand when it comes to those flavors. Instead of a dash of this and a sprig of that, a curated option can help ease the home cook into a more robust experience.

HEINZ is offering that helping had. As Ashleigh Gibson, Head of Marketing & Strategy, HEINZ said, “HEINZ aims to accelerate culinary trends and create pathways for everyday consumers to discover vast culinary culture in their own homes. With the increase in chef-inspired cooking, the HEINZ 57 Collection enhances consumers’ culinary creations and transforms traditional dishes into dynamic creations.”

What flavors are included in the HEINZ 57 Collection?

While HEINZ is a culinary icon that many home cooks trust, the HEINZ 57 Collection stepped into the profession kitchen and asked two culinary experts to craft these newest offerings. With the help of award-winning chefs Lee Wolen and Joe Frillman, the chef-inspired line will take bland off the table.

As Michelin-star Chef, Lee Wolen said “The HEINZ 57 Collection enables foodies to discover and explore new ingredients and cuisines with a modern twist to even the most tried and true family favorites.” Whether it is bringing a new experience to a favorite recipe or stepping outside of that cooking comfort zone, dinners will applaud these exceptional flavors.

The new line includes infused honey and crunch sauces. They will be available at various retailers including Amazon, Walmart, Publix and more.

The Infused Honeys come in two flavors, Hot Chili and Black Truffle. From a simple drizzle on a pizza to a boost to that cheese plate, there are plenty of uses for these honeys. Maybe it is about adding some savory black truffle honey to a corn waffle. While the flavors are bold, they are not extreme. It is about inspiring home cooks to expand their perceptions.

The Crunch Sauces are available in Chili Pepper Crunch, Roasted Garlic Crunch and Mandarin Orange Miso Crunch. These oil-based sauces are perfect for a stir fry or even a simple sauteed vegetable. It could be the easiest way to get the family to boost that healthy eating component.

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What do you think of the HEINZ 57 Collection? Have these new offerings sparked some ideas for your next dinner?