Sierra Nevada brews flavor and innovation which keeps beer drinkers opening bottles

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(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) /

Before micro-breweries or nano-breweries filled the refrigerator with the creative brews, Sierra Nevada brought many beer conversations to the bottle back in the 1980s. As the West Coast IPA became a hoppy filled dream for many beer drinkers, the beer brand did not choose to stay bottled into one lane. Without losing sight of its core values, the various beer offerings have one thing in common. Pushing the boundaries can lead beer drinkers to climb to great heights.

Sierra Nevada has stayed true to its family-owned roots. While the brand has branched out into a hard kombucha line, Strainge Beast, the various beer offerings are the company’s core. From the iconic Pale Ale that started it all to the newer Little Things offerings to seasonal sips, there is plenty of refreshment to go around.

One of the reasons why the Sierra Nevada IPAs are always a great choice is because of the flavor diversity. As the original offering shows that hoppiness is there but it doesn’t shy away in the corner. It is one of the reasons why this beer has had such longevity.

With the Little Things line, the haze captivates in the glass. Whether it is the juiciness or the easy hops, there are plenty of reasons to pop open another can.

The newest offering joining the Little Things line, Sunny Little Thing is a Citrus Wheat Ale. An easy drinking beer, it is perfect for those leisurely, warm days. A touch of citrus makes for smooth drinking. Still full of flavor, this beer will quickly become a backyard barbecue favorite.

While the Little Things line brings a little balanced, simplicity to the can, the seasonal offering, Summer Break IPA will have everyone ready to grab the fun and live life to the fullest. A sessionable Hazy IPA brings the flavor without feeling overpowering. The tropical mango and passionfruit flavors add a touch of the tropics. Whether it is jumping into the pool or the lake, this beer will be that constant companion.

Lastly, the Hoppy Sampler Pack recently offered the Cold Torpedo Cold IPA. The brand’s take on the Cold IPA trend, it is a hop forward beer that has had many people talking. Available for a limited time, in the special variety pack, it is worth seeking out before it disappears.

Whether it is a Little Thing, a big hoppy beer or a classic, Sierra Nevada has an offering that will quench any thirst. Isn’t it time to open a bottle?