Snoop Dogg describes an ultimate Corona Beach summer party, exclusive

Corona Snoop Cans, photo provided by Corona
Corona Snoop Cans, photo provided by Corona /

While Snoop Dogg is always ready to give some advice on living the fine life, his words of wisdom are more than just a mantra on a beach towel. In many ways, he lives the vibe that he preaches. Even if some people are not ready to dive into the deep end, his description of the ultimate Corona Beach summer party might be one that everyone wants to join.

As one of Corona’s purveyors of the fine life, Snoop seems at home strutting the sand and relaxing in that beach chair. Although a slightly idyllic visual, there is something to be said about unplugging, stepping away from the chaos and toasting to life’s simple pleasures.

With the Snoop Dogg Slim Cans and his fine life advice, there is a willingness to let go of the superfluous clutter and get to the heart of the matter. Good times, great friends and an ice-cold Corona is a combination that can turn any moment into a special one.

Recently, FoodSided asked Snoop Dogg what his ultimate Corona Beach summer party would be.

First, Snoop suggested picking up his cookbook to find the perfect recipes to enjoy while sipping that Corona. Second, he recommended an all-day affair. Specifically, he said, to have “daytime pool beach party and then at night have a pajama party.” Given that Corona is a sessionable beer, it is easy to see why that gathering can go on and on.

While at the summer party, Snoop recommended a new way of enjoying that Corona. Although he might welcome a little extra aroma in the air, Snoop said to use a straw to sip that beverage. In particular he said, that “what I like to see a skinny straw in that can” and the other hand is free to hold whatever you choose.

Based on the festive advice from Snoop, it seems that the ultimate Corona Beach party involves a slim can, straw, an all-day gathering and a toast to the fine life. Sounds like the perfect bash to close out the season.

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What is your idea of a great summer beach party? Does it involve a Corona?