Toast to the golden hour with the cheesy VELVEETA Veltini

Velveeta Vel-tini, photo provided by Velveeta
Velveeta Vel-tini, photo provided by Velveeta /

Many people want to toast to the good life. The sentiment might be a little cheesy but sometimes the gooey goodness satisfies in the best possible way. As the summer starts to fade, it is time to toast the golden hour one more time. Thirsty to try the VELVEETA Veltini?

While some people might have their signature cocktail, others prefer to think outside of the shaker. From a cocktail trend to pushing the savory notes, the classic cocktail might not always be the thirst quencher.

Although some summer cocktails have little umbrellas and conjure images of sandy beaches, sweet sips do not have to be the only options in the glass. Savory forward cocktails are becoming more popular. Beyond the simple garnish, it could be time to cut the cheese on a new approach to toasting golden hour.

In partnership with BLT Restaurant Group, VELVEETA Veltini is an extension of the La Dolce Velveeta concept. There is no reason to hide that celebration of loving food. Sometimes life’s simple pleasures are the ones that are the most satisfying.

As Kelsey Rice, Senior Brand Communications Manager for VELVEETA said, “We wanted to find a way to elevate this experience for our fans even further, by bringing the rich, creamy goodness of VELVEETA to a martini in a unique and unexpected way for the ultimate outrageous pleasure.”

The VELVEETA Veltini gives a traditional martini a cheesy twist. The cocktail features “VELVEETA infused vodka, olive brine and vermouth, garnished with a cheese drip and a cocktail pick of VELVEETA stuffed olives and Jumbo VELVEETA Shells & Cheese for the finishing touches.”

While this cocktail might not completely traditional, there is a touch of the familiar. Who doesn’t love a cheese stuffed olive with a dirty martini? In some way, this idea is a cheesy dirty martini.

If this pour has piqued your interesting, the VELVEETA Velinti will be poured at the following BLT locations, BLT Steak New York, BLT Steak Washington DC, BLT Steak Charlotte, BLT Prime New York, and The Florentine in Chicago. The specialty martini is priced at $15

In addition, VELVEETA will offer this martini via Goldbelly. It comes with everything that is needed to make this cheesy sip. The kit retails for $50 and is available while supplies last.

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What do you think of this special cocktail? Do you think that its way to toast the cheesy life?