Doritos launches a new flavor that has never been seen on the shelf

Doritos Tangy Tamarind, photo provided by Doritos
Doritos Tangy Tamarind, photo provided by Doritos /

While the iconic nacho cheese flavor will always be a fan favorite, snacks are stepping beyond the traditional options. With the new Doritos Tangy Tamarind, the popular Frito-Lay snack brand brings a new duality flavor to the shelf that has never been seen before.

Recently, Doritos has stepped back from the Flamin’ hot varieties and brought tangy flavors front and center. From the Doritos Tangy Pickle to the Doritos Tangy Ranch, the limited time offerings had many people wishing that the bags would always be available. The punch in flavor was exhilarating yet not overpowering. It was just enough to make everyone grab another chip until the bag was empty.

The addition of Doritos Tangy Tamarind is a curious one for Doritos. While tamarind is popular in Hispanic, Asian and Indian dishes, it might not be a staple in everyone’s pantry. The sweet and sour flavor adds nuance to many recipes. For savory dishes, it offers another layer of umami. Whether an ingredient in a mole or a curry, it can be the connector for the other spices.

In addition, tamarind is often found in candy or sometimes a dessert. Again, the flavor adds a little nuance to a recipe. Even a simple hard candy can benefit from that little extra punch.

With the Doritos Tangy Tamarind, the limited-edition flavor hits that enjoyable spot which celebrates the duality. While these snacks are enjoyable on their own, it could be fun to play with some food pairings. Whether served with some tacos, a topping on a salad or even a few on top of a curry sauce could be quite interesting.

The Doritos Tangy Tamarind will be available for a limited time starting August 15. Check with local retailers for availability.