Nutella celebrates regional recipes with Breakfast Across America

Nutella launches Breakfast Across America, photo provided by Nutella
Nutella launches Breakfast Across America, photo provided by Nutella /

In many homes, Nutella and breakfast are a favorite pairing. The popular chocolate hazelnut spread can go on almost anything. From waffles to a parfait, the recipes are many. Still, many home cooks are looking to branch out beyond the favorite family recipes. With Breakfast Across America, Nutella invites home cooks to sample regional flavors.

Over the years, Nutella has inspired families get into the kitchen and enjoy some time around the table. Whether a little spread will help them eat a few more fruits or humorous visuals can bring smiles around, the idea is that food and fun are often a favorite pairing.

Recently launched, the Breakfast Across America offering is more than just visually appealing labels representing 16 locations around the U.S. The recipes help to celebrate the flavor diversity that Nutella can offer.

As Endri Shtylla, Marketing Director, Nutella at Ferrero U.S.A. said, “Nutella is all about breakfast and we hope these regional recipes inspire families to create new special breakfast memories this summer. Whether you want to make a Beignet inspired by New Orleans or Blueberry Pancakes from Portland. Breakfast Across America has something for everyone to enjoy.”

Looking at some of the recipes, the dishes blend the familiar and the new. From trying the tangy sourdough bread with Nutella to Hawaiian Sweet bread pairing, the familiar will have a great appeal.

More importantly, there are plenty of recipes that may not be part of the breakfast repertoire. For example, the Nutella selected Mackinac Island as one of the 16 landmarks. While the Upper Peninsula of Michigan locale is known for its fudge, the custom Mackinac Island-inspired recipe, Pannukakku Pancakes + Nutella, is one that will have everyone ready to book a trip to this little piece of heaven.

This recipe brings together a cacophony of flavors. While the macerated strawberries add a touch of sweetness, the mint is the brightness to balance all the ingredients. From the spice of the ginger to the acid of the lemon, this recipe showcases beautify of the sweet, rich breakfast dish.

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Which Breakfast Across American dish has you opening another jar of Nutella? Do you have a creative use for that delicious chocolate hazelnut spread?