Which tequila cocktail do restaurant guests order most often?

Chili's January 2022 Margarita of Month, photo provided by Chili's
Chili's January 2022 Margarita of Month, photo provided by Chili's /

Although some people might remember the college chant of one tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor, the right tequila cocktail can make an evening quite enjoyable. But, which cocktail is most ordered by restaurant guests?

Many people have a favorite cocktail. Regardless of the restaurant, they more often than not choose to order that one beverage. Unless the ingredients are not behind the bar, there is no switch.

For others, the cocktail varies based on the restaurant, food or even whim. From experimenting with flavor combinations to exploring a restaurants signature sip, there are reasons to try that special drink.

Recently Chili’s asked guests to rank their favorite cocktail. In a not so surprising result, the Chili’s margarita rose to the top. The results showed that “64% preferring the restaurant’s signature margarita over other choices like a Whisky Sour, Moscow Mule, Long Island Iced Tea or various others.

As many people know, Chili’s has a signature sour mix that is one of the best in the business. For example, the well-known Presidente Margarita has been delighting guests for 30 years. It might be the exactly 25 shakes to ensure the perfectly mixed cocktail. Those little details ensure that every beverage is full of flavor.

Even though the classic is a shake above the rest, there are other options to be poured. The Margarita of Month has proven to be a big success for Chili’s. The monthly themed drink captures a holiday, season, or something a little extra.

While the margarita might be the focus, there is another tequila cocktail that made the list. Apparently, Chili’s guests like a good tequila sunrise. The second favorite option received 43% of the votes.

In some ways, these findings seem to skew that tequila and tropical vibes go hand in hand. There might not be an umbrella in the glass or a warm beach breeze at the table, but those sweet and sour flavors seem to wash all those cares away.

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What is your favorite tequila cocktail? When you go to Chili’s do you often order the Presidente margarita?